French Baker Lovin

Aimer le french baker, ai-je en dire plus?

My ever paborito: Beef Lasagna. ❤
Strawberry Danish and extra Garlic Toast. 😉
The never ending Four Seasons! hahaha


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Adobo Connection

Adobo is probably one of the most favorite dish of Filipinos. Whether it’s pork, chickesn or even vegetables (a.k.a kangkong 😉 ).

SM Sta Mesa Branch

I’ve been craving and wishing for Mama’s dish lately. Sad that I now live miles away  from her. So I went out last sunday for some good stuff to dine with. I spotted Adobo Connection in Sta. Sta Mesa. I gave in and tried their food. Too bad my favorite adobong kangkong is not available at that time. But everything else was very satisfying. Plus the experience with the friendly crews was amazing. And the place calls for some cozy tummy lounging. 😉

The yummy Mama’s Special Chicken Adobo
Experience the sweetness of Leche Flan
And guess what? It did not hurt my wallet… 😉

Happy Weekend! 🙂

Sunday Wrappin’ Up

First week of fishbowl (transitioning level from training to live production) is over. Although we still have one more week to finish up, it’s not an excuses to say “next time” to my stressed stomach and tired soul. This certainly calls a serious therapy: EAT!


Check out Binalot (wrapped) and the reasons I love this place.

  •  The “itlog na pula” (salted red eggs). I really love this egg and I’ve been craving for  it. It’s tasty, it’s salty, it’s nice.  Most of their dishes comes with itlog na pula and some crunchy tomatoes (pinoy tomatoes – though). DIY a salted red egg… click here.
  • NO  PLATES!? Absolutely zero plates… have a bowl for soups and noodles but not plates for rice. Instead they use banana leaves as a replacement for platters. Also they hava program that supports farmers. sweet, right? 🙂

    The paper wrap.. that is their news paper. 🙂
  • Pinoy foods for less! Seriosly, some filipino dishes now comes with a  dollar price, specially if it’s from a Filipino restaurant. My favorite bistek (a pinoy style for Beef steak) only costs 83php.
  • A smile from the walls. On this branch here in Starmall Mandaluyong, you’d only see few walls painted with comical Filipino practices. But I bet in some branches in the metro specially those spacious one’s have a lot of these.

The real story for dropping by Binalot is, my ATM card got pin locked in the weirdest way! I was about to enjoy my favorite Blueberry  Danish and some Parisian Macaroons in French Baker. So I guess.. maybe next time? 🙂 After all dropping by the Star Mall is worthy. And I totally forgot my-good-sunday-turning-into-a-bad-sunday moment. 😉


Happy Weekend!


And speaking of food. A friend who is a co-blogger just got some delicious stuffs in her place.

Go, she’s a must check out! More than just being a mom.

Cuz it’s summah!

Are you feeling it- the firing sun that burns the earth? Yeah, it’s summer baby! And would you dare for a hot latte under the heat? Up to you but I won’t (although it’s my favorite).

Hot seasons like this, we would crave for colds.  Ice cream- anyone? Ahhh… the ever Filipino favorite: Halo-halo! Hmmm… that just gave me an idea… maybe later. For now, lwt me share you just 2? Or 3 summer cravings.

Crazy Crepe’s ( We discovered this at SM Mall of Asia. We were uber curious with the Ice Cream in a Pancake Cone! 🙂

I forgot how’d they call this. But it’s like a Mango float. My lil sister like it! 🙂
Blueberry Ice Cream Crepe for Mom. She loved it!
Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Crepe with lots’a chocolate chips – of course. I craved for more! =)

Yoh-gurt Froz (

Calorie worry? Forget it! It’s healthy!

Share to us your summer menu and let’s all create the best summer “eat-book” ever! 😀

Whatever you’re eating, ENJOY and be HEALTHY!


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