Ken Night

Still have a hang-over from the online party last night hosted by L’Arc-en-Ciel Philippines in celebration to Ken’s birthday!

And here are my favorite Ken playlist which includes all my favorite Ken songs from SOAP (Sons Of All Pussys), his solo projects and of course L’Arc-en-Ciel.

From his mini album “The party”, released in August 2008. And have just known that the title stands for “Take Part In The Party”, which is highlighted more by the bubbly  PV. 🙂

During the 2002 hiatus of Laruku, Ken formed a band with Ein and former Laruku drummer- Sakura. Dang Ken’s Pinata in this PV! haha

From his first album “In Physical” released in April 2009. Which includes the tracks from his singles.

My Heart Draws A Dream is one of favorite L’Arc songs. And Niji is my first love before I fell for Hitomi Nu Juunin.  ❤

*Credits to the uploaders of these videos

*Ken daily: | @CHLionRagbaby


A week with Acid * The adorable yuki and Acid Android


A few weeks ago I’ve sworn to Vamps (well not really sworn like sworn but I started listening to their music after avoiding them for a while. :D) And looks like it’s not only hyde’s side project that is making a name.

Meet the adorable drummer of L’Arc~en~ciel: yukihiro or merely yuki to his devoted fans.  And just like any L’Arc else, yuki is also succeeding into the music that his very interested with and that is Industrial music.

And by the way his side project is called: Acid Android (almost forgot to mention 🙂 )

Check out my favorites:

* He also recently launched geek sleep sheep which is another project.  Read more

* He’s also turning 40 something this month and I bet you wanna celebrate it- so don’t be a loner  and celebrate it with a crowd! Check out L’Arc~en~ciel Philippines for updates.

A week with HYDE

My top picks of HYDE’s solo’s and side Project- Vamps. Because there’s no way to say NO to his music!

And finally, I’ve sworn to Vamps two weeks ago after I came across with their Beast on the Beach performance video

*From Roentgen (English) album Although the original Japanese version sounds much better. And darn it, this song pains my heart- even more with the PV!

* From 666 album. This is my HYDE favorite song. His English is soo hot in here. Also I love the overall packaging of the song. Sexy.Hot and Rockin’.