RIL*: The Weeping Mama Mary

*Religiously In Love


A castle built at the hills of Simala, Sibonga, surrounded by high and strong walls of love and armed with faith.

A religious castle  so enchanting, miraculous and beautiful; this is how I could best describe the place, but if there are other even more astonishing-perfect words that can describe it, they’re out of my head for I am truly out of words to describe Marian Hills until now.

Located at the highlands of Barangay Lindogan of Simala, in the poblacion of Sibonga, Cebu Marian Hills Church is built in 1999 during the Dengue phenomenon in the place. Built and founded by the Marian Monks after the first apparition of Mama Mary in 1998.

If you’d ask the people living in this place especially the elder one’s, they’d describe the place as nothing but hills back then. In fact the place before has problems with water and they’ve strive to survive, even more when the people of Simala were hit by Dengue in 1999. But soon enough they’ve recovered because of a miracle: Mama Mary had shed tears right before the eyes of the Monks. This was already predicted by an elder man somewhere in the 60’s. But the people didn’t believe for the man is old and thought this was just some ageing issues, until the Monks have seen it.

There were a lot of times also that the people have witnessed such miracles. In 1998, Mama Mary’s statue has shed tears 4 times excluding the first shedding of tears in September of that year. And on September 8, 1999 which was her birthday, the same statue has shed tears. Until now Mama Mary continue with her miracles. Thousands of Filipinos; Cebuano and non-Cebuanos believe in the miracles that are happening. In fact you can even see it around the church: testimonials of the people who have witnessed the shedding of tears and appearances of Mama Mary on some photos, the blood that ran through the white candle and all the prayers and wishes that were answered- from board and bar exams to healing miracles.

I for one don’t believe in just miracle. My formula for a miracle is: MIRACLE= HARD WORK + SCIENCE/EXPERIENCE * FAITH (self and God)2. But these people probably could prove me that miracle with faith alone is possible!



  1. Wear comfy flats or slippers. The renovation of the church is still on progress. But you’d definitely want to have a walk at the east wing of the castle.  And yes, I could not just describe it as a regular church because of its structure and design. And walking in high heels can be a challenge, especially in ascending and descending the stairs.
  2. I quote: “When God builds a church, a demon would build his chapel around”. So don’t ever believe in those people who would sell you some miraculous water or etc., because honestly the church does not sell them.
  3. Did I mention, DON’T wear boots or shoes that could be difficult to remove? I was wearing my favorite fringe booties when we visited Marian Hills and I had a hard time untying and removing them when I get there. You’ll be asked to remove your foot wear before entering the part of the castle where you could have a closer encounter with the miraculous mother.
  4. Dress decode: Follow the church’s dress code. No mini-skirt, leggings, sleeveless and strap-less and revealing clothes. If so, you won’t be allowed by the guards to enter the church.
  5. NO PICTURE TAKING at Mama Mary’s altar! And some people either cannot see the sign under the bridge of the altar or just ignoring it. Your visit’s main purpose should be to pray and not to just take pictures because this is a place for prayer and not for photo shoot! 99.9% you can disturb the people who are praying especially when you’re camera’s flash is turned on.
  6. PEN & PAPER. Prayers have answered. Letters have read. And if you’re grateful and generous enough, drop off a letter for Mama Mary. You could either write it before you get there or an impromptu like ours.
  7. You could also bring some food if you want to spend the entire day there. There are cottages at the main gate along the path way going to the church for re-creation or gatherings. Rest rooms are also available inside.
  8. If you wish to kiss Mama Mary’s statue, get there as early as you can. Main gates are open at 8am. And if you don’t want to spend longer hours in the line of devotees be there early.
  9. MAKE A WISH for they really come true! Just BELIEVE.



Private/Personal vehicle:

(A). From the city proper, take a southern drive going Sibonga. It’s easy to detect if you’re already in the town. Look for the Simala Municipal Hall, in front of it is the Simala Church. Drive around 100 kilometers forward (or even more, sorry can’t really calculate the distance and I didn’t see signs). There is a little corner where you could enter to take the drive to the highlands. You could spot this corner, because there are vehicles and drivers around. -> You need to drive up for another around 200km or more. Actually you won’t be lost getting there because there are a lot people around whom you could ask and a lot of vehicles on the way.

(B) Call a van and hire them. It’s easier, right?

Public Transportation:

(A) via BUS  [Fare table below]

> Take a bus from the South Terminal (Colon, Cebu City beside e-Mall) bounding Sibonga. Just inform the “kon-doktor” to drop you off in Simala.

> You will be dropped off at the corner going to the church. You could choose to ride a tricycle or a motor-bike.

*Amounts are based on Philippine Peso

South Terminal – Sibonga


Sibonga – Simala


20.00 / 30.00 (from Simala Church)

(B) via VAN

There are van and bus companies that offer service directly from Cebu to Marian Hills and vice versa.  Though am not sure if they’re for contact or not because we went there via bus.

A visit to Marian Hills is really amazing! When my eyes roamed around the church and the castle I was enticed by its unexplainable power that made my eyes wet and my heart trembling with over-joy. The after-visit feeling was so peaceful, incredible and magnificent!

**More photos**

Your random Venus writes her own letter to Mama Mary! ;)
Your random Venus writes her own letter to Mama Mary! 😉


I don’t want to overwhelm this post. But we actually had 3 church visits on that Sunday, June 16. Mom’s friend invited us for lunch and we passed by Holy Trinity Shrine and San Vicente Ferrer Church. They’ll be in a separate post. 😉 xxx


The Liebster Award and the Red Carpet!

I thank Yuki-Belle for the nomination!

My velvet-sheer-backless-royal blue gown is a perfect fit and I’m ready to receive the award! And my speech! Yes, my speech how I can ever forget?

Apparently, this isn’t your usual Blog Awards, so don’t be pressured to write a long interesting entry. This is more like of a tagging game and introducing bloggers. And of course don’t be shy to talk a bit about your self. This is nice break for all the reviews and whatever you are blogging for. 🙂

So lo and behold the Liebster Award!


The Liebster Awards Rules: 

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.



1. I’m Random! That’s where my blog name came from.  I do random things, and even organize things in random.

2. Thus #1 makes me disorganized at most times! 😀 I tend to leave an unfinished work and start a new one. I also mixed up and forget dates.

3. #2 is the reason I love collecting stick on notes, note pads, journals and diaries and planners.

4. I’m addicted to cotton buds and cleaning my ears daily. As OC at may seem, but I would feel uncomfy whenever I forget to clean my ears!

5. I dare my self. I love trying out things that I haven’t done yet or am afraid at. The last time I remember, I was afraid of roller coaster, but then I jumped in and rode Enchanted Kingdom’s roller coaster. Next ride it the extreme tower! yeah!

6. In a year I was able to work with 3 different companies! Talking about being not having a good, straight direction in life!

7. I have a weird personality and people accused me to have a personality disorder.

8. I love the smell of Forever 21 boutiques! It’s an odd but really good smell of clothes! Nyay… cloooooooothesssssssssss………..

9. I collect trash. Literally! From scratch papers, old news papers, paper bags to plastic bottles. I just don’t like to throw them away! So I do DIY projects out those trashes. Taking about being crafty or I’m just an obsessed Nature Lover!

10. I’m single. And that’s a fact! Hahaha!

11. And people also accused me for being a lesbian due to that status above. A lesbian who loves sky high heels! 😛


1.What was your childhood dream?
> To inspire the world by writing! Such a BIG dream!

2. If you could pass a law, what would it be?
> NO LAW Law.. I guess? haha! I wonder how the world would be with it… But seriosly, I don’t know.. lemme ask my Lolo then! 😀

3.If you could send a political figure to the moon (never to return) who would it be? 😀
> Hmmm.. just leave my Lolo and my God-Father, and send the rest of them there! Oh wait, please leave Senator Miriam- I love her! 😀

4. What is your comfort food? “slash -are”
> It’s so hard to choose one.. they’re Chocolates, Marshmallows and Gummy Bears!

5. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
> Hotel Transylvania! Though the story isn’t really good, I liked it because it’s animated. 🙂

6. If you would be given a gold medal for something, what would that something be?
> Gold Medal for Gymnastics! I’ve always wanted to be a Rhythmic Gymnast. *huge sigh 🙂

7. Coffee or tea?
> COFFFFFEEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s my everyday fuel! I’m such a coffee addict! I can’t start my day without it. I can survive a day or two with just coffee!

8. What was the longest period of time it took for you to finish a book?
> 4 weeks! It was Prince of Dreams by Nancy McKenzie. I had to use Google and thesaurus just to get the meaning of the deep English word.

9. How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?
> What wardrobe? The Tacloban, Samar or Manila wardrobe? haha! I’m addicted shoes. I think if my count is correct I already have 25 pairs… or more. Juts 2 flats, 2 sneaks, 1 flat booties and the rest they’re all high heels.

10. What is your favorite part of the meal (soup, salad, appetizer, main course, dessert)?
> That’s hard… uhmm… All! But Dessert is the best! 😛

11. If you could have a famous figure as a sibling, who would it be? 🙂
> Aye, back in the old days.. I was dreaming to be sisters with Paris Hilton! But now I dream to be siblings with Carolina Adriana and Patricia Cristina, Carolina Herrera’s daughters! Let’s see.. Ma. Kathleen Stiffany Herrera! Hey that’s nice! haha!


1.Rats or Cockroaches?
2. What was the worst prank ever thrown to you on April Fool’s Day?
3. If you could run for a government position, what would it be and why?
4. What was the book you last read?
5. If given wings, what kind of wings are they? (Butterfly’s, Bird’s,Angels or Bat’s?)
6. Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore?
7. If you could turn back the time, when would it be?
8. Read the book or watch the movie adaptation?
9. You found the Yamashita treasures. What would you do?
10. Your crush smiled at you, what was the first thought your mind came up with?
11. Write the name of the first person who comes into your mind when you hear “BEES”.

Now, it’s time to pass over this award to…

1. Manila Pop

2. Niji Sky

3. Japanese Nagi

4. Orleen of Sister Act

5. Polychrome Interest




For Amo Gani. A friend. A big brother:  You are remembered.

I no longer see your smile

The curve of your lips that lightens me up.

I no longer hear your voice;

The thunder of anger when I’m being pushed by people,

The cheer of your joy when I’m happy.

The voice that tells me where to go, what to do,

To be strong, be tough and be unbreakable.

I miss your songs so much

The songs that speak for my heart.

I no longer see that hand that extends

To pull me when I’m down;

To push me when in doubt.

I know you’re no longer to  be found in this world,

But I know you’re still with me;

Your songs, your art, your heart.

I know you are now happy somewhere,

Continue resting in peace.

You are missed and will always be loved.


Christmas 2009

While cleaning up my flashdrive earlier today, I saw some archived albums from my old laptop. And one of which is an album from  Christmas in 2009.

And like to share to everyone the MOST MEMORABLE Christmas so far. Although I wasn’t able to spend it with my whole family at home, I  spent it with some people who are also close to my heart- My Mama Sally and Papa Jerry’s family and the Pintados Foundation family at a Street Christmas Party. Check out the photo’s below. I miss spending the holidays doing these certain stuffs. Plus I also got gifts! 😉

Last year was nahh, because I was at work- I had to work. So I hope this year will be so much fun!

Are wrapping presents now? Have fun!