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The Itinerary : A Summer Break Series Pt 2 Pretty Leyte

I assume and I guess I messed up the photos of the gallery in my previous post. Apologies, my dears. I’m having a hard time with that gallery thingy. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, here’s the second part of my break. Ready?

So after the fun under the sun at Kalipayan, we took a day rest. Which means the whole day we did nothing but eat, watch tv, prepare for the following day, and sleep and repeat to infinity. šŸ˜€ I did not have plans to go back that early to Manila and go with my Uncle and his party to Tacloban for a visit. But as the call of invitation (O, please bare with my grammar and word usages šŸ˜€ ) I decided to go with them. A little excuse to visit my second home. As you all know I took my college at Tacloban City.

Upon arriving, we went straight to Palo, Leyte a town near the city- about 10 minutes ride. We chose to stay there at my Grand Pa’s sister: Mama Sally. The following day, we had a little tour around. Together with Aunt’s Lorna and Mila and Kuya Vince and the rest of the party, we went to San Rafael’s Farm in Babatnun Leyte. About 15 minutes or so ride form the Tacloban city proper. Ā The name of the place it self twirled my cousin Cha’s mind. She thought it’s the usual farm that we had in Cabarasan. It surprised her how beautiful the place is. Developed with Elegance – Man made as I guessed, but not really the whole place- just some parts as I have observed.

The place is so inviting, aside from it’s entrance-fee free (yup… that’s right getting inĀ doesn’tĀ cost anything!), the whole place is nothing but “beautiful“!Ā  Inside are cottages for over-night guests, a cafe – and I guess aĀ restaurantĀ as well, a mini park and a multi-purpose hall for special functions. Ā Let me share you a couple of spots that I eyed for:

1. If you’re feeling like Edward-ing and Bella-ing (Twilight), this place is a romantic space for lovers to have a little slow dance. *cheeeesssseee!!! šŸ˜€



2. Craving for a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or someone? Here’s I bet the best place forĀ reminiscingĀ and everything.




3. Okay, this one is uber mushy as I am thinking it is now. This special function hall is just sooo dream opener. When I saw this, the first that came to my mind is: Me, in a white long dress with someone beside… horrah! Wedding! I know- I know too young for stuffs. But tell me now, look at that picture, isn’t it the same thing that comes to your mind? (tell me, by posting a thought below šŸ™‚ ) Ask my cousin Cha, who have this over-the-top dream of having her first movie filmed at this place with Daniel Padilla as her groom.










San Juanico Walkathon

From Babatnun we took a 5 minute drive to the famous San Juanico Bridge. A bridge that connects Samar and Leyte. Mr. Sun was pretty mad at that time, but we did not mind him. We walked about 2 kilomters from the Samar part to the Leyte part. Yes, WALK!

Trivia : Built in 1969 from the heart of President Ferdinand Marcos to her wife Imelda – who is a waray-waray. Ā The bridge is known to be the longest bridge in the Philippines. Connecting Samar and Leyte which makes the transportation of people and goods easier. Ā According to our Lolo (granpa), there were children who was kidnapped by the time of the construction, who were made as offers (or alay in tagalog) to make the bridge stand stronger. I’m not sure if it’s for real or fiction. But with the testimony of my Aunt’s Lorna and Mila, they said, they were in elementary when helicopters and soldiers would roam aroundĀ the town and those are the times that kids would stay inside the house the whole time. Afraid to beĀ kidnappedĀ and killed. Either fiction or true, we’re still thankful for the kids who offeredĀ theirĀ lives for the strenght of the bridge, which until now stands strong andĀ beautiful.



In addition to theĀ trivia, here’s a fun one; at the very center of the bridge- it shakes when vehicles passes, specially the heavy one’s like the trucks. My cousin’s Ceila, Cha and Aunt Jesa got crazy over it! šŸ™‚












And it does not end there! Here’s an additional fun. After the long walk (Hey it’s 2km! as we finally realized while we’re inside the car already), it occured to our dear teen’s minds that we need a swim. So we decided to dip down our bodies in a water- o unsalted water- to be exact. We went to Leyte Park Hotel, one of the mostĀ prestigiousĀ hotel in the city (Tacloban). Ā Located in Magsaysay Boulevard, just across UP Tacloban Campus. Ā Only the kids – ahem and that includes me who enjoyed the pool. šŸ™‚











Not much of a vacation, huh? Not too busy with the body killing activities which made me crave for a massage- a whole body massage!

I did not had fun, that I haven’t gotten over yet from those memories and until now I still wish for more!

And how I wish this one is better than the first one. šŸ˜€ Enjoy the remaining days of your break! šŸ˜‰

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The Itinerary : A Summer Break Series Pt 1 Summer Samar

You all know I went home to my province for a vacation; a break from the corporate world and the concrete jungle- but not only that, because my uncle together with his family came all the way from Qatar to celebrate their only son’s 2nd birthday and a vacation as well.

Upon arriving at home I got so excited with their plans. And it’s even more fun because theirs a bunch of us (only that one of our cousin is missing due to an educational tour to China). After the dancing and partying during the birthday celebration, we took off to Barangay Cabarasan. An up stream barangay of our town. It would take 10-15 minutes either by land or water travel.

We enjoyed the fresh farm air and refreshed our selves at Linaw- a waterfall nearby. According to them this water fall is the main source of water of the place. The water is so clear and refreshing – no wonder it’s called Linaw which in English means “clear“.

Not only we had fun at the water fall we also enjoyed the food; freshly cooked peanuts, coconut paired with condensed milk-yummy, green carabao mangoes and a lot more. Which made our stomach angry. šŸ˜€ Thanks to Tatay Ben and Nanay Corit for the invitation. And as well to Ate Lina for the wrangler and of course to our dear driver Kuya Yves. šŸ˜‰

The following day, we hadn’t got any full rest yet, but we are still alive and ready for another outing. As an invitation of our Lola Cris (My grandpa’s Aunt), we visited their resort at Tabok- the Columba Kalipayan Beach Resort. The whole place is called Tabok because it’s just in-front of the town. Just a bridge apart. We had fun under the sun and enjoyed the sea breeze. Their place is just behind the Gamay Pride: Gapo Beach. A beach well-known for it’s fine sand and extreme waves. But it’s still virgin- untouched and undeveloped which makes the whole place moreĀ appreciative.

My cousins and siblings had an extreme boat ride with Tatay Eme. They sounded like riding a roller-coaster. šŸ˜€ While my Aunt’s Mila and Lorna rode a bangka (a small boat) that has a huge whole on it. They freaked out when they finally realized that the boat is filled with water. While I, had fun capturing every moment. It was my Summer class. šŸ™‚