Happy Birthday Mother Monster!

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Thank you for teaching us how to be braver, tougher and stronger. Thank you for letting us realize how beautiful we are. Thank you for letting us know that we are worth more than jewels. Thank you because you teach us how to be our selves, how to be proud for who we are. Thank you for your music. Please continue being an inspiration! You are the most beautiful monster! Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Now here are my top 5 Lady Gaga picks:


I’m down: Here’s my playlist

*Warning: Written while frustrated and crying. May cause severe weirdness. 😉

Can you believe this? In time of frustration and desperation and being down, I still found a time to blog about this? Surely, I won’t be surprised if the Cyber world is as colorful as life. Humans have found a place to vent and shout without being heard- literally.
In between happiness there’s always sadness- and that’s very common. We all have our down times, but would you allow it to just end your happy life? Of course not- e? A good cry is always good. In the end it clears up your mind which makes you think better. And music- ahh… yes of course. A song that’d uplift your sunken soul.

When I’m down, I don’t listen to songs that has a meaning that drags me even more to hell. Sometimes, the best songs are the one’s that has life and heart on it- something that would encourage you to stand up and get moving.

I’m down, and how many times did I already mentioned that? I obviously am. But I don’t want you to ask me to where is this be leading (Which I guess you already have). So here’s my Top 5 for today’s down fall:

1. C’est La Vie – L’Arc~en~ciel

2. You Only Live Once – Suicide Silence

3. Run A Mile – Late Night Alumni

4. New World – Round Table ft Nino

5. Marry the Night – Lady Gaga

Most of the times a Hard Rock and a Metallica do work. So most likely, my distress playlist would consist of Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock and Metallica. And try to disagree, I won’t mind though- Lady Gaga makes sense at all. 🙂

Actually a shout and a yell could work as well.. just don’t curse people, yourself, the world and most specially God. It’s always good to quote things in times like this: “God keeps his promise & He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at times you are being put to test, He will give you strength to endure it; & so provide you with a way out.” Thank you dear Francis for the daily breads. Sometimes friends are unaware of the little things that they do, already helps you a lot.

And of course will I ever forgte my super heroes? Mama and Papa. Who are always there for me.

Now smiling…. ^^