Hello Minions!

My babies have found new friends!

Hell Minions


Geeky Kitty ft HYDE =^.^=


Mc’Donalds has a new set of Hello Kitty collectibles, and I just can’t help my self from grabbing one even though “Happy Meal” is meant for kids! 😀

This cutie also reminds me of Hyde’s latest photo for the Experia ad:

Credits to HYDE: My one & only love 666 facebook page

Cute, right? Okay, no need to agree.. because eventually I’ll make you agree! hahaha! Week 022 comin’ right up! 😉

Hyper Monday everyone!

Mama Kitty! What a gift!?

Last night I just received my Mama’s Christmas gift. You all know I am living miles apart from them, ayt? This is my reward for being a good girl all year 2012- was it? ahihihi… I remember she was telling me last night: “Bangen ka maluok, sabon it!” [Don’t be fooled, it’s a soap!] I should say, I almost did. I thought it’s a figurine (not reading the label!) 😀

This is the sweetest Christmas gift ever! And her name is SOAPY! Since she’s a soap, though I have no plans of using it. And yes, I do have names for all my stuffs. Sure you’ve met Tumbly, Blankyand Maccy! 😀