The Best of Random Venus’ Childhood


My weekly list has been in a little hiatus.

The past few months has been a challenge for me. But I’ll soon get the hang of everything.. the language, the lifestyle and all that. But here I am sitting in front of the computer and just reminiscing the good old childhood days- blame my two wave mates who are huge fans of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. 😉

They’d say you don’t have a good childhood if you don’t know Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera and all the best of the 90’s and 2000’s era. Well… I would STRONGLY AGREE! haha!

My childhood was amazing! I was a Scary Spice wannabe then.  Brian Mcfadden was my dream boy, until I met Aaron Carter. 😀 And I think I could still do the dance steps from some of Britney’s MVs. Chos! 😛

Here are the top picks that when played never fail to bring back the amazing young-er years:

And my very favorite…

And yes, I could still memorize the lyrics… and some of the dance steps of Genie in a bottle. haha!

If only my whole childhood playlist could fit in one entry, but of course I don’t want to stress you guys out with all of them. So let me just share my top 5 then. 😀

What’s your favorite childhood playlist?



Fall in Love all over again with 2ne1’s latest single!

A big come back after a year of being held up? Probably not… yet! But wait for it…

YG Entertainment has announced that 2ne1 will have its single releases starting July to October of this year. And the new single “Falling In Love” is dropped to get the insane-hopefully-awesome releasing started before the big album!

The MV and the song is really cool- to start off. Allow me to enumerate what I love about this new single and probably point what I don’t like but not really hate, eh? 😉

Here we go…

The MV: I super love the cool summer inspired of the music video! And do I have to mention how good looking and charming our favorite girls are in those summer-inspired outfits keeping their fierceness while showing off their sort-a innocent charms? Or do I really make sense in pointing this out?  😀

The SONG:  The Reggae-influenced song is really cool! It added a new taste and twist to the usual genre and singing style of the girls. I just love the beat and the song as a whole. This definitely reminds me of summer!

Only a thing that I don’t like about the song,is how they made Dara’s voice too much of auto-tune. ;( l I like how they were able to keep their style but I don’t feel like liking the auto-tune on Dara’s lines. I don’t hate it either. There’s a difference between un-liking and hating it. Okay? 😉

Nevertheless, I’m still falling in love to this song! The fans are really looking forward to these monthly releases and the album. Exciting? Yes? Of course it is! 🙂

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Lee Min Ho: My Everything 1st Debut Album Released!

Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho released his first debut album on May 24, 2013. This is due to popular demand. The fans had been requesting him to release an album since he started singing on tours and some shows.

Photo from JPopAsia

Answering to his fans desire, Lee Min Ho released an album entitled My Everything. This didn’t honestly surprise me, because he released singles in the past: My Everything in 20009 and Extreme for Cass 2X Beer Commercial in the same year .

The album contains 7 tracks including the song My Everything. This album is dedicated of course to his fans. JPopAsia said: “The actor’s new album serves as fan service rather than a serious attempt to debut as a singer.” Though it’s more like JUST FOR FANS and not to seriously get into the music industry, Lee Min Ho DIDN’T JUST sing. The actor (now a recording artist) worked with Korean Producer Hwang Chan Hee who has worked with various artists. And I must admit, I like the album as a whole:  the reason behind the release and the track listing.

I can also say that the album contains different genres. He didn’t just focus on Pop and Ballad. My favorite, Pieces of Love has a rock-ish element on it. On his song My Everything, his vocals sounds different to my ears. What I mean by different is, it got better. Except that I prefer how he pronounced MY EVERYTHING before.  But pronunciation don’t matter because for fans this release means a lot (like A LOT) to them.

What’s next for Lee Min Ho? Dance Floor heart-throb?  We could hardly tell.

But what’s in? For this year, Min Ho will have an Asian Tour, and it includes Philippines! No wonder my sister is saving up again. Seems like they didn’t have enough (and will never get enough) of Lee Min Ho after his Manila visit last November 2012 for #GlobalBenchSetter.

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The First Laruku Songs that swept my heart away

January 2012, when I first heard these songs and couldn’t almost explain the feelings I got towards it. It was a mix of everything a heart could feel.

Caress Of Venus (True Album)

Lyrics: hyde  Music: ken

The first time I’ve watched this on youtube, it was a slide show of hyde’s photos. But to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the slide show thinking that the man is not connected to the song. Besides, my intention at first was to hear the band that my crush loves the most. >.<

Before the English translation of the song, I first thought that it’s a song describing how beautiful a woman is.  Considering that women are represented by the planet Venus.

I really like the rhythm and beat of the song. The guitars and hyde’s very sexy voice (which I always mention and which is a fact in every Laruku song. Haha!) Every time I hear this song, I remember standing in the elevator in my previous company with my earphones on max and swaying- feeling the sexiness of the song. Which was by the way the first L’Awkward moment.


I’m So Happy *Acoustic Version (Kaze ni Kienaide Single |The Best Of L’Arc~en~Ciel C/W*acoustic )

Lyrics & Music: hyde

I didn’t know that there is an original version of this song. The video was then my conclusion that the band was born in the 90’s, which surprised me much when I saw the PV for XXX, because the members of the band didn’t had much any changes – physically. I mean duhh, are you sure they’re on their 40’s? I was just like watching a video taken in 1991 a few days ago… ahh hello?

So anyways, those were the reactions too… : ))

I honestly prefer this acoustic version than the original one. The feel of this song is very laid back and relax compared to the screaming hyde in the original version. Though when I’m stressed or depressed, I would listen to the original version to inject some blaring energy and positivity in my consciousness.

And then there was…

Niji (Niji Single)

Lyrics: hyde Music: ken

That made me cry.

Even before I’ve read the English Translation of the song, I did feel the pain of the lyrics already through hyde’s singing. This time, hyde’s sexy voice had fade away and there goes his amazing voice that tells a story and pain behind every words.

I also super love the drums here.  And I could hear the bass clearly, without looking for it. Not to mention how beautiful the guitar is, though I became a ken biased in My Heart Draws A Dream.


As a very picky music lover, I would look for a spark in a certain song. I always make sure there’s something that sends to my nerves and makes my heart pound faster. Without it, my eyes would just roll. And this band just amazed me so much I fell in love with them this much!




PSY’s All-killer Gentleman

SONG PREVIEW: Sesh, so Gangnam Style!

After 2 replays:  hhhmmmkay…

SONG RELEASED: ahhh… let’s see. MV Please!

MV RELEASED: [sway sway push push] yeeeeeeah!

On April 13, 2013 the crowd had become more hyper when PSY released the official music video of his new single GENTLEMAN on youtube hitting 6,901,112 (as of 4.14.12) and counting.

When the song was released, people went from what? to ok to fine, let’s wait for the MV;  expecting something more stellar than Gangnam Style.  An article published by JPop Asia on April 12, 2013, the song achieved an  ALL-KILL upon its release and ” topping all 9 of South Korea’s real team music charts“.

The music video is hilarious, which is very PSY.  It tells a joke out of  being a gentleman or how a gentleman should be. I honestly  can compare the song to Gangnam Style. But I will be very honest also, that I find this song very catchy because of the club mix beat and the.. oh well.. dance steps.

The listeners and fans reactions are a mix of everything. Of course, with Gangnam Style turning over the world, PSY is expected to release something fresh and more marvelous than his first single.

I’d say again, this may not become a global hit, but this song will have its place internationally.