Adobo Connection

Adobo is probably one of the most favorite dish of Filipinos. Whether it’s pork, chickesn or even vegetables (a.k.a kangkong 😉 ).

SM Sta Mesa Branch

I’ve been craving and wishing for Mama’s dish lately. Sad that I now live miles away  from her. So I went out last sunday for some good stuff to dine with. I spotted Adobo Connection in Sta. Sta Mesa. I gave in and tried their food. Too bad my favorite adobong kangkong is not available at that time. But everything else was very satisfying. Plus the experience with the friendly crews was amazing. And the place calls for some cozy tummy lounging. 😉

The yummy Mama’s Special Chicken Adobo
Experience the sweetness of Leche Flan
And guess what? It did not hurt my wallet… 😉

Happy Weekend! 🙂