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Random Venus by Kathleen

Venus, to Romans she’s the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and propriety. And for Greeks, she’s the goddess of love, beauty pleasure and procreation and known as Aphrodite[1].  Either of the two, Venus or Aphrodite doesn’t speak about the author of this blog. J Well both are my favorite goddess. They are icons of love and beauty and both with very strong personality and power. And to think that her sacred month is my birth month is just way amazing! How lucky am I?

The name Random Venus came into my head when I was browsing the net for my new blog’s name; aiming to create a blog where I could talk freely about my other interests (this is aside from fashion and beauty by Mushy Kitty).

Random as the word itself speaks about how randomly I can and wannabe. One day I want to write poems and songs… Some other day I want to take photos and post them… and just the other day I want to travel and tell tales about them… and so on…

Writing has been my frustration since I was a kid. In fact, whenever asked about what I want to do when I grow up, I’d answer:  “To inspire the world by writing. “ This is aside from my dream to become a lawyer.

As of now I keep and manage to maintain four separate blogs here in wordpress excluding this blog. I love wordpress! It’s just awesome!


For any questions, comments and suggestions (or violent reactions?) you may email me at jazz_andallthat@aol.com, or you could post them at the comment’s section. Constructive criticism and reviews are also very much welcome.

For collaborations (and yes, I now consider collabs in the blog), please send me an email and let’s talk about it.

The “Featured Blogs” section may vary depending on my interest. Well initially, they are my favorite blogs. But you can send me your url’s and I’ll check ‘em out.


Please note that all comments are moderated and can be edited for it to be readable. Please, nO J3jemOn aLloWED!

Usage of profaned words will not be tolerated in this blog. Please post it somewhere, but NOT here. Insulting other users including the author is highly prohibited. I DON’T ENTERTAIN RACISTS! I am an Asian, a Filipino to be specific. My grammar may not be perfect, but I try as much as possible for it to be right. I do correct my posts whenever I found out something is not making sense at all and/or is wrong grammar. You may point it out to me but PLEASE never insult me.


Random Venus is a hub for my interest to Books, Photography, Travel, Music and Entertainment and Hello Kitty, under the Creative Commons license.

All contents on this blog are owned by me unless of course specified. Credits and references may appear on the actual word or phrase associated with a link to the original post, or at the end of the post provided with links.


And yes, my real life name is Kathleen (And it’s the shortest way you could ever call me. I swear!). I’m a PROUD full-time Customer Service Professional, a blogger of my own time, a devoted fan girl, a Ninja (Fruit Ninja!), a Diva of my own stage, planning to be a cosplayer, Shakespeare’s  long lost  super-duper-great granddaughter, and  an acclaimed  goddess of randomness (proclaimed by my ever dearest family and friends! :D).

I am almost everywhere! You can follow me at:

Twitter: @kath_luv

Pinterest: @tiffymuah

Youtube: imsoin2uAC

Facebook: Random Venus (I’ve taken this down a year ago because of lack of support. Please like it. I’m begging you please! Hahaha! Just kidding!)

Other Hubs:

Dear Crush, the special blog

Mushy Kitty for Fashion & Beauty and its inspirations

A Silent Letter to Self, my online diary

Paper Pen Stories, an attempt to be a novelist (LOL)

Eyes4JD, the fan girl ego on Tumblr

I also contribute to other blogs and they might as well interest you.

L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines

Sister Act with my sister, Orleen



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