The Liebster Award and the Red Carpet!

I thank Yuki-Belle for the nomination!

My velvet-sheer-backless-royal blue gown is a perfect fit and I’m ready to receive the award! And my speech! Yes, my speech how I can ever forget?

Apparently, this isn’t your usual Blog Awards, so don’t be pressured to write a long interesting entry. This is more like of a tagging game and introducing bloggers. And of course don’t be shy to talk a bit about your self. This is nice break for all the reviews and whatever you are blogging for. 🙂

So lo and behold the Liebster Award!


The Liebster Awards Rules: 

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.



1. I’m Random! That’s where my blog name came from.  I do random things, and even organize things in random.

2. Thus #1 makes me disorganized at most times! 😀 I tend to leave an unfinished work and start a new one. I also mixed up and forget dates.

3. #2 is the reason I love collecting stick on notes, note pads, journals and diaries and planners.

4. I’m addicted to cotton buds and cleaning my ears daily. As OC at may seem, but I would feel uncomfy whenever I forget to clean my ears!

5. I dare my self. I love trying out things that I haven’t done yet or am afraid at. The last time I remember, I was afraid of roller coaster, but then I jumped in and rode Enchanted Kingdom’s roller coaster. Next ride it the extreme tower! yeah!

6. In a year I was able to work with 3 different companies! Talking about being not having a good, straight direction in life!

7. I have a weird personality and people accused me to have a personality disorder.

8. I love the smell of Forever 21 boutiques! It’s an odd but really good smell of clothes! Nyay… cloooooooothesssssssssss………..

9. I collect trash. Literally! From scratch papers, old news papers, paper bags to plastic bottles. I just don’t like to throw them away! So I do DIY projects out those trashes. Taking about being crafty or I’m just an obsessed Nature Lover!

10. I’m single. And that’s a fact! Hahaha!

11. And people also accused me for being a lesbian due to that status above. A lesbian who loves sky high heels! 😛


1.What was your childhood dream?
> To inspire the world by writing! Such a BIG dream!

2. If you could pass a law, what would it be?
> NO LAW Law.. I guess? haha! I wonder how the world would be with it… But seriosly, I don’t know.. lemme ask my Lolo then! 😀

3.If you could send a political figure to the moon (never to return) who would it be? 😀
> Hmmm.. just leave my Lolo and my God-Father, and send the rest of them there! Oh wait, please leave Senator Miriam- I love her! 😀

4. What is your comfort food? “slash -are”
> It’s so hard to choose one.. they’re Chocolates, Marshmallows and Gummy Bears!

5. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
> Hotel Transylvania! Though the story isn’t really good, I liked it because it’s animated. 🙂

6. If you would be given a gold medal for something, what would that something be?
> Gold Medal for Gymnastics! I’ve always wanted to be a Rhythmic Gymnast. *huge sigh 🙂

7. Coffee or tea?
> COFFFFFEEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s my everyday fuel! I’m such a coffee addict! I can’t start my day without it. I can survive a day or two with just coffee!

8. What was the longest period of time it took for you to finish a book?
> 4 weeks! It was Prince of Dreams by Nancy McKenzie. I had to use Google and thesaurus just to get the meaning of the deep English word.

9. How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?
> What wardrobe? The Tacloban, Samar or Manila wardrobe? haha! I’m addicted shoes. I think if my count is correct I already have 25 pairs… or more. Juts 2 flats, 2 sneaks, 1 flat booties and the rest they’re all high heels.

10. What is your favorite part of the meal (soup, salad, appetizer, main course, dessert)?
> That’s hard… uhmm… All! But Dessert is the best! 😛

11. If you could have a famous figure as a sibling, who would it be? 🙂
> Aye, back in the old days.. I was dreaming to be sisters with Paris Hilton! But now I dream to be siblings with Carolina Adriana and Patricia Cristina, Carolina Herrera’s daughters! Let’s see.. Ma. Kathleen Stiffany Herrera! Hey that’s nice! haha!


1.Rats or Cockroaches?
2. What was the worst prank ever thrown to you on April Fool’s Day?
3. If you could run for a government position, what would it be and why?
4. What was the book you last read?
5. If given wings, what kind of wings are they? (Butterfly’s, Bird’s,Angels or Bat’s?)
6. Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore?
7. If you could turn back the time, when would it be?
8. Read the book or watch the movie adaptation?
9. You found the Yamashita treasures. What would you do?
10. Your crush smiled at you, what was the first thought your mind came up with?
11. Write the name of the first person who comes into your mind when you hear “BEES”.

Now, it’s time to pass over this award to…

1. Manila Pop

2. Niji Sky

3. Japanese Nagi

4. Orleen of Sister Act

5. Polychrome Interest




Happy Birthday Vocaloid 02!

If you don’t know Kagmine Rin and Len then you should check them out! They are the  brother-sister tandem of the vocaloid family; that is if you know Miku Hatsune. 😉

Though created separately in 2007; Rin on November 8 and Len on December 3, they were  both released on December 27, 2010 officially as a pair. Rin and Len soared high not just in Japan but all over the world.


Random Venus on Charice’s new shocking look

Charice's sudden changesRefer to original news:–accent-hurt-charice

On recent news from Yahoo! Philippines, Karen Valeza wrote about Charice’s “The Buzz” interview on Sunday, December 2.

Charice’s sudden changes from her sense of style, her tattoos to her American accent are being criticized by many, either fans or plainly just haters.

A lot said that her changes are over the top. There are some who says that she sold her soul and the evil have twisted her already into something not her. Oh well, my view on this part? “Nahh!” Haven’t we said that to Lady Gaga, and other famous artists?  I’m a 50-50 Catholic. Do I have to defend myself?

The young lady is pretty much hurt of these criticisms and I am not here to hurt her more. Rather, somehow show people what I think about these shocking changes.

Disclaimer: I am not a die-hard Charster (as her fans refer themselves as). And duhh, I am not even paid to do this! In the beginning I like Sam Concepcion (her rival in Little big Star, where she placed 2nd runner up only). But that does not mean I hated her.

Here’s my own view which is also posted in the actual news (–accent-hurt-charice-043323997.html): *Some tagalong words are translated already to English. I hope I did it right. 😀

I have nothing to neither disagree nor agree with Charice’s sudden changes. Allow me to break what I think about her new her.

1. The American Accent- Why does she NEED to have it? If she can speak English well in a neutral accent, why adopt an accent from other countries? Is it because she feels insulted every time people poke at her Filipino accent? She does not have to have American Accent. Even people from call centers and those business people and even TV stars from other countries speaks English in their own natural accent, either Pinoy or Chinese accent. So long as they can be understood and they can speak well they’re already PROUD of it. But then again, it’s CHARICE. It’s only her and heaven knows why she has to adopt a certain accent.

2. Her new look- First that shocked me was her blond short hair. My thought was: LESBIAN? But I do have my boyish side also so I thought maybe it’s the real CHARICE. The way she dresses. A lot of people are judging or criticizing her with her new style. Let’s just say,Baby Charice who wears cute dresses, headbands, and flat shoes had  grown up. And I think that’s normal! We outgrow our old sense of style and change our taste to fashion as we grow older. She’s already 20- is that right? I’m not sure, but as far my memory is still fresh, I’m a year older than her. And to think she’s a lady enough to be herself, she no longer needs those childish stuffs. Her tattoos. I don’t see something wrong with the so-called “body art”. Her tattoos have meanings and it’s not just because she wants a complete whole new look or just follow whatever Cirus and Swift had done to their bodies.

3. On being disrespectful – I cannot comment on this. Maybe it’s really because some press and people cannot say bad things in a good way (aka the bad approach). But then again only God knows why. Because really, how she interacts with her fans and followers on twitter is pretty nice.

I think we’re only surprised or even shocked by her sudden PHYSICAL changes. Because, when was the last time that we watched her climbing into the plain moving to United States, then suddenly when she came back to the country she had a lot of changes already. On the other side of the people who are saying these changes were too much. Yes, might be? Maybe? That depends on how you see it. And that also depends on your tastes. As how the way it goes, we are the best critics when it’s about other people. But come to think of it, she’s happy with her changes. As long as these changes do not hurt anyone, then be it. We are not getting anything from these stuffs. So just R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
I adore her so much now. Despite all these criticisms she became stronger and even tougher.  She’s no longer the kid whose if asked the answer comes out as “mom-said-so”.
By the way, I love her chic-rocker look. Except for the dark lipstick and over the top make up-sometimes. 😉


A birthday post for my dear cousin.

The first time she allowed me to have a closer shot of her. She used to be a shy one when’s she’s shot alone. Canon 5d | Summer 2012 | Kalipayan Beach Resort , Gamay N. Samar Phl
Canon 5d | Summer 2012 | Cabarasan, Gamay N. Samar Phl
On her baby bro’s birthday. Eating her Ice Cream.. Cone! 😀 | Canon 5d | Summer 2012 | Gamay. N. Samar Phl
Her natural super-model walk! 😉 | Canon 5d | Summer 2012 | Cabarasan, Gamay N. Samar Phl

The Woman

I have been thinking about some topics that I’d like to write for my 21st year in the world. I have a couple of unfinished one’s in my drafts about almost anything about me. I was scrabbling on my journal-ready to start a whole new topic when my phone rang… checked the caller ID and t’was Mama.

You see, I’m miles a way from my family. And ever since I’ve started working and living in the metro, I only remember going home once (that was the long vacation after I resigned from my first job)- but other than that… I’ve missed the holidays, birthdays, and special dates. But Mama never failed to update me about the happenings. And the last time I checked? My nephew-Carl, was expecting a grand birthday party but ended up eating spaghetti with cousins. 🙂

While Mama was talking and telling me about the recent happenings at home, my head was already writing something about her… about the woman who bore me for nine months… the mother who treated her children equally… the woman who puts her children first more than anything else.

I could never thank her enough… of what she have done to me – to my siblings- to my nephew- to her family. Her sacrifices and everything. [Sigh] As what they say: “Nothing could ever compare to a mother’s love.“- strongly agree! She’s understanding, loving and inspiring. Also her patience is a surprise to me. (My sisy-orleen would agree to this. 😉)

Through the years, her love and attention to me had not changed. Although I’ve been totally independent from my parents. She’s always there behind me ready to tap my shoulders when I loose hope. But admit it Ma. Kathleen Stiffany Nueva Acebuche (This is Papa’s thing of calling his kids when he wants to say something pretty important 😀), there were those days that you argue with her over stuffs… those times you had to raise your voice- for her to just hear your side… those moments when she’s tired of running in circles explaining and the only words you’ll hear were “ikaw bahala” (up to you)…. and remember those times when you’ve finally realized you’re wrong (and admit it she’s always right)- all you gotta hear is: “sugad pa ak!” (I told you). And also let me remind you those high school days that you got super excited of going out for college cause you’re sick with her endless tacking and blah-blah-blah. And to be honest, after being away for quite a long time made me miss those days. 🙂 That’s why when I got home for a vacation last May, I let her talk and talk and talk and I savored hearing her laugh out loud.

It’s never easy to be a mother at all- specially when your first and second kids are only a year apart- who fight worse than cats and dogs and vampires and wolves… an eldest daughter who has a heart and acts like the youngest kid… and too many imperfections with her children and even with her husband. But one thing is for sure that inspires me the most- no matter how huge the waves are that rocks her boat, she still keeps the sailing smooth and safe. No wonder moms are called SUPERWOMAN!

I initially wrote this back in April for my birthday, but I had doubts with my constructions. But today calls a major run-through for the very special day of the woman who never fails to inspire me, the woman who never gets tired in taking care of her valuables (a.k.a family), someone who’s always there for you (because baby, whether you like it you like- she’s like an imprint to you!). The woman whose love and devotion to her family never fades, whose faith to God never change. The woman whom I wish to be me someday (don’t kid me I mean this. :D). The woman I will never get sick and tired of loving.. the woman.. my MAMA.

I’d love you to walk with me through my journey. Happy more years Mama! ❤