The Instant fan girling to Uchu Sentai Noiz

The Noiz once again ROCKED Manila last night at the 40th Nihongo Fiesta organized by Japan Foundation Manila (JFM). Seems like last year’s visit became an extreme demand! woot!

It was an awesome experience! Can’t believe that I was watching a Japanese band performing live despite the fact that I know nothing about them and their songs. It was just an instant decision and out of curiosity. And besides, y’all know I’m in the process of discovering more Japanese bands to rock my world- right? ūüėČ

Such an amazing audience too! Noiz PH, yowh sooo lucky! ;)
Such an amazing audience too! Noiz PH, yowh sooo lucky! ūüėČ

I love the energy and the quirky “sort-a brutal” attitude of the boys on stage. Though I know they can be soo sweet off stage. ūüôā

During the first two songs, I was like “hey nice drums! What’s his name again?.. wooo that guitar… who is he?…. yeah cuteness… and what’s his name?“. I was really-really clueless even at the names of the members. But then again, because their songs made me dance, jump and scream.. there I was.. care less of what I was doing.¬†

Kataro is sooo cute and his guitar solo made me so speechless and left my mouth wide open!

But Masato’s finger lickin’, hair whippin’, crazy dancin’, and his over-all insane stage presence really swept me off my feet. He seemed to enjoy his own moment and he would not care. Plus I super also hype his metallica singing.


Over-all, I love the performance and I had so much fun! I can’t stop hoping for LArcMNL to finally happen; and this time let L’Arc~en~Ciel turn Philippines upside-down!

Uchuu Sentai Noiz, YOU ROCK! Hanggang sa muli! ūüėČ


7th Christmas Toy Fair

I was at the Christmas toy fair 2012 last Saturday. Just sad I arrived there late and was not able to see the Toy Parade- or was it another term-but it‚Äôs a parade. ūüėÄ But of course, sadness can easily be drunken by toys. Once again, your random venus was surrounded by toys, toys and the never ending toys that give joys not just to the kids but also to the kids-at-heart! ¬†Oh wait, Toys:Joys! Hey, that rhymes! XD

And as for this event, I got my self some… oh well.. as usual another set of posters for my iWall and a Hello Kitty cap from Hatah-hatah. I wanted to buy more toys and stuffs, but thought thrice and thousands of times, because I hardly can choose from all of the toys around me. And, ran out of the budget, tadah! XD

Nevertheless I had fun at least saying hi to each and every toy. And that was happiness at the cheapest cost! Til the next Toy Fair!

7 days before Christmas! And I don’t have gifts to wrap! Haha! SAM_2723

Visit the organizers and give them a hug! ūüėČ

Toy Con PH

Meet me in Eastwood

A city built within a city. Truly, once you get there you’d feel like you’re in a different country. Highly urbanized, Eastwood City is a place where business meets luxury!


Located at Libis, Quezon City, Eastwood is known by it’s different scene. ¬†I have worked there for a couple of months, and the feeling is different. Once you step in the city, you’d feel very professional.Yet despite of the busy streets, you’ll find a relaxing and enjoyable place- the Eastwood Mall. The mall with so much difference from any other mall.


I remember when I first got there, I was really start struck by the structure of the mall. Outside is a colorful and lively architecture that brings out the party-lover side of the small community. Inside the mall are wide, spacious and corner-less corridors. At least to any naked eye, the mall is corner less. With it’s circle-like architecture, you’d probably think it’s corner less at all! ūüôā

Because the community is known by it’s beautiful structures,¬†everyone’s¬†thought is the¬†place¬†is all about luxuries. A thought I had proven wrong. Yes, honestly- Eastwood Mall is a luxury… You can¬†find¬†all the signatured and¬†popular clothing¬†brands like Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencers, Nine West- you name it! But happiness cannot just be found in those luxurious stuffs that’s worth the money. The mall’s family-friendly¬†features is a surprise, because the community is all about business.¬†Outside is a park-like area that will say hi and warmly welcome anyone. Kids would probably prefer to stay outside rather than roam around inside the mall.

SAM_2601 SAM_2608

I have enjoyed my stay in  Eastwood, after a stressful work I can easily grab something to eat or drink without  the effort of taking a cab. And stroll at the park with the thought of being transported to another place. An instant stress reliever, cool right?

SAM_2629 SAM_2624 SAM_2612 SAM_2611 SAM_2607 SAM_2600 SAM_2599 SAM_2598 SAM_2590 SAM_2589 SAM_2591 SAM_2593 SAM_2597 SAM_2588 SAM_2587

Eastwood is just one, there’s Ayala and ¬†Bonifacio High Street. ¬†If I got to brag something without travelling miles and miles by air, that would be these communities and cities brought world-classly to the Philippines.

~Happy weekend!

Grand Pop Culture Fair 2012

Philippine’s two of the largest event organizers colab for the biggest pop culture fair in the country!

Are you ready?

October 13,2012-JPop day

The best first day ever! Filled with¬†cos-players¬†and anime and everything fan dying for. And I’ve just realized- its expensive to be a fan girl – neh? XD

I got my self some stuffs from the booth’s. Also I met this very¬†talented girl named Au-di¬†at the On-the-spot Art Commission indie

Scandal Notepad, the L’Arc poster, Personalized L’Arc and hydeist pins, Au-di’s skecth compilation and bookmark, 2NE1 personalized hair clip, and an anime poster

artists’ booth and totally fell in love with her works! The Sketch compilation is so inspiring! ūüėČ

There were also games and contests like the JPop dance cover and singing contest which gave me a good great laugh. And believe it or not, even the official event tarpaulin’s were auctioned to the fans and collectors!

Sorry I forgot to ask for her name, but she actively smiled at my camera when I asked her for a photo with the poster. I think she finds one of the members beautiful too.. ūüėČ

I couldn’t also help but smile to this pretty “Oh’ing” moment with a booth rep. I was scanning through the bag tags and saw no shadows of L’Arc (as usual fan girl XD ). I then asked if there are any L’Arc~en~ciel items, the lady didn’t think twice and as fast as the ¬†millisecond ticked she scan through the posters while saying “Nag-iisang poster nalang po!” (means: there’s only one poster left). I thought- hmm.. rate this lady from 1 to 10, ten being the fastest reactor of all the rep’s – I’d give her 11! haha.


It was almost six in the eve when I’ve realized I’ve stayed that long enjoying the program. I was then deciding whether to wait for the¬†cos-play¬†contest or not when I spotted my… gasp! CRUSH! Oh dear! Yes, I’m sure of it. Cause I looked at him like thrice and I did some checks… Yep- hair, the way he dressed and the eeee!!!! face! okay-okay- naf-naf-naf! :))

And if you’re wondering about my decision whether to stay for¬†cos-play¬†or not- nahh… I did not. Got too tired. ūüôā

October 14, 2012 – KPop day

Just a perfect sunny Sunday, because my sister sent me a sms with her undying love for Lee Min Ho and her dream of seeing him in person in November. Although I am not a die-hard fan of KPop – anymore.. which leads me to YES, I used to go gaga over Lee Min Ho and the BOF cast, to SHINee and the SS501 and Rain, but still I am a huge fan of 2NE1 and 2NE1 alone! XD

But after attending the second day I think I should be honest, KPOP music is addicted- the beat, the¬†rhythm and the colorful perky music videos. And guess what? Got LSS with Girl’s Generation’s Oh! ‚̧

The day was filled with hyper fanning activities and games and of course contests. I had so much fun being in the crowd of fan girls and boys ¬†while enjoying the KPop¬†cos-players¬†as they proved to everyone that they are no ordinary fans and followers, because they can imitate their idol’s looks and even the dance moves!

I totally got served with her moves! ūüôā

And yes, when I say dance moves – here ,meet this girl who can dance almost any Korean song. And not just the free style dancing. Mind you, it’s the original dance moves from Super Junior to Girl’s Gen’s MV’s- baby she might be a certified super fan girl!




I left early from the event because it was a¬†Sunday. But I made sure that I’ll be taking home something for my heart- L’Arc personalized mug (gee!) and some anime posters.

I do hope that there will be more Grand Pop Culture fair coming up. It might not be the most relaxing way to distress but totally a very inspiring way to shoo the weekday bad vibes away and be a kid again! Big thanks to the organizers to this most amazing idea ever!


Check out this scheduled act’s:¬†

Visit this page for more info and details of the event and also to read more blog posts:

More photo’s coming up this weekend. Stay tuned! ūüėČ


It’s a happy¬†Monday- isn’t it? =)

Footloose goes MOA

It has been a disaster for the past couple of days due to the heavy rains. So when Mr. Sun-O showed up, I did not hesitate to go out for a little walk. ¬†I was thinking in between going to Antipolo or Luneta Park. But then too far for the lazy head. So I’ve decided to hop around and didn’t notice I was heading to Mall Of Asia.

I was clueless still of what to do when I arrived MOA (as we call it for short ūüôā ). So I roam around the second floor and passed by some of the resto’s at the bay side view. When I glanced under the smiling sun, I saw the bay side park. So I decided to go down and take a little walk. I have never been into this part here of the mall. Cause you’d most likely see me at the department store or at the boutiques feeling each textile and wowing to each and every shoes.. – okay ‘nough for the fashion addict. ūüėÄ My stomach was craving for something I am very clueless of. But when I turned my head 60 degrees.. voila! STARBUCKS baby! Suddenly my head went “Latte..Latte..Latte… Venti Hot Latte!”

I opted to stay outside the shop to enjoy the view of the people, as the sun behind them lowered. While rolling my eye balls as I spot a couple cuddling and kissing each other (er! What do I expect at parks?) I felt something in my bag, I brought my book without noticing it. So I read a couple of pages and closed it.

I was having my little walk while my fingers pressed the shutter of my camera. I passed by some crews busy with something.. I then realized.. FIREWORKS! I asked one of the security guards¬†about¬†the time of the fireworks display. He then informed me it’s going to be at seven. I checked my phone’s time and it’s twenty something minutes before seven. So I chose to stay and wait for the fireworks display.

My twenty minutes of waiting was filled with¬†laughter as I enjoyed the man who’s performing¬†in front¬†of the crowd. He was funny and entertaining.

And so my wait is all worthy. When the fireworks went up to the skies, my eyes were¬†dancing¬†for joys.¬†I went from “ohh” to “woah” to “wow” as they fly up and¬†explode.¬†Yes, I am your typical kiddo who gets overwhelmed with little the things of life… flowers… butterflies.. fireworks… you name it.

On my way outside the mall, I spotted a Photo Exhibit by PiPho. I am loving The Morning¬†Laughter by Jeric Mariano. More photo’s here>>>

That was all for yesterday… As for today… it’s still in my journal though. ūüėÄ I have been a happy feet for the past few days. What’s not to be happy? Mr. Sun is finally shining! ūüėČ



I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


<<<< More Photos >>> (I am too lazy to adjust and edit the photos. Pls bare.. :D)