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(Thoughts on  Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X-  The Live Action)

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Neh? The title shouldn’t be like that-actually. But then again, what to do? I still have that Kenshin hang over from last Saturday? And today I am going to tirade about the world famous animated series that turned the world sunny-side-up!  Okayyyyy wait. *breath-in-breath-out.

To start with, honestly I only remember Inuyasha as part of my childhood. I used to dislike anime/manga and loved cartoons back then when I was oh-dear-here-we-go-I-feel-like-I’m-super-old… but yes, back then when I was… young-er! 😀  I’m such a late bloomer! I started adoring anime in Junior College when I met Round Table ft Nino through Michelle Phan. Though haven’t focus on a certain story yet (I watch Bleach in random episodes, and so as Inuyasha –via GMA7 and some anime series in the television).

So, now that you know my story, let’s go to the movie then.

The movie was supposed to be shown exclusively in SM cinemas in October of this year when it was first announced by SM Management.  But then after a couple of weeks they pulled it out, due to some movie license issues that they need for the Philippine release.  But the fans became very disappointed. Well, who to blame? The series is loved by the Filipino’s some even grew old with it. So SM turned it back and announced that it will hit in its cinema’s in December and will run only for a week. Which it did. Advanced screening happened on the 2nd of December with a lot of activities like cosplay contest, fan art contest and more. Too bad wasn’t able to get a ticket for that day. Actually, they’ve announced the advance screening late- 2 weeks before show time.  The movie ran from December 5 to 9.

I’d like to thank SM Cinema’s for bringing the movie here in the Philippines. Although, Marketing strategies were quiet not appreciative. I’m not sure what’s in during the advance screening aside from the fun activities, but as the movie runs or even before it ran no poster’s placed at the mall (I am referring to SM Mega Mall). I saw some small ones when I reserved my ticket somewhere late November, but after a few days when I get back to the mall the posters were gone. Also unlike any other Hollywood movies, the movie was not advertised via television. Even on the networking sites the ads were not really strong. I guess if not for the fans, the people won’t be aware about this manga being alive. Even so, still tickets get sold out, even during the advance reservations seats were almost taken (my seat was the very last one at the 2nd level of the cinema), movie goers were countless , the ticket counter ‘s queue was very long .

As a new fan of Japanese culture, particularly in its music & art, I got very excited just like the fans.  Although, to admit I didn’t know the story line. I tried to research and about the story but then I got confused because there are three parts. There’s Arc and something else. This made me realize that being a late bloomer sometimes is NO good! So I depended on the synopsis of the movie then and watched some scenes of the animated series on line.

Synopsis  @ Wikipedia


Cinematography:  Stunning! Bravo! Bravo!  I have watched a lot of Asian Action movies like So Close, Naked Weapon and Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies, and I used be amazed by the vast and flawless cinematography especially in the fight scenes. But this time, it’s even more!  I thought it’d be like those other Asian action movies, but no! It’s more than that! The best- really astonishing!

Fight Scenes: Add this with the cinematography and it’s really Breath-taking! They just did not stick to the story line but also to most of the scenes (Which some or should I say most movies of these days can just stick to the story line but not on the original stunts – like for example.. Twilight? [Okay , twihard fan here actually]). The fight scenes in the animated series came to life and it was woo-  Breathtaking! Love! Did I say more?

Themes(Songs/Music) and Sound Effects : Would it be more ambitious if I also include that here?

Fighting scenes + the music= goose bumps!

Quirky scenes + the music = giggle!

Sound Effects + the scenes = woah!

Actually, music and sound effects accentuates more  a movie. No sound  effects : No movie! And brilliant sound effects are brilliant!

*Insert closing theme here with my teary eyes

And it was One Ok Rock! Have heard them from one of the cielers (aka friends) and as always – she’s got awesome music taste!

The Characters  – (Again, I am not a true-blue Kenshin fan and  this character review is based on my own observation on the movie and some friends who are fans of RK)


Kenshin (Sato Takeru): He’s gorgeous! Ok wait. I think he gave the character a justice.  This is also according to the fans. My uncle even told me that Sato was perfect. He completed the image of Kenshin Himura, from head to toe, to its personality, specially the delivery of  its famous line’s  one of which is  “Oro?” (*Insert fan frenzy dance and gyah here).

Photo from: http://caseymoviemania.blogspot.com
Photo from: http://caseymoviemania.blogspot.com

Kaoru (Takei Emi): I was not quiet stunned with her acting. The lines came naturally, but I don’t know  if it’s just me who looks more for her facial expressions, especially in the very indispensable part (which was awkward for me at first, because the line was quite long for her) Only to realize it was actually part of it  when  a friend told me about that part being very special. I’ve looked over YouTube for a video of it and found one. Well, watching the animated one with those Kaoru lines, for me it was actually great! Because it was the part when Kenshin was about to break his life’s  promise just to save Kaoru. And I think it was the part where LOVE had come to realization.  It is supposed to be heart-melting not awkward!  I think Emi’s expression is lacking in that part there. Also I did not feel the chemistry between her and Kenshin . Nevertheless, I like her pretty face! 😉

Photo by: www.anmtv.xpg.com.b
Photo by: http://www.anmtv.xpg.com.b

Megumi (Aoi Yu): Bravo! I was even more thrilled of her with  Kenshin.  I even thought  she’d end up with him! Haha! Her physical appearance gave the animated character come to life  (this is based on the photos I found). Her acting was amazing! Couldn’t say more!

Photo from: http://kateviardo.tumblr.com/
Photo from: http://kateviardo.tumblr.com/

Jin’e (Kikkawa Koji): Looking at him and those deep-royal -blue -scary -eyes reminds me of the animated character. Him being alive with those blue eyes is even scarier… And so as his acting!

Photo from: http://makkosadventures.wordpress.com/author/danbacana/
Photo from: http://makkosadventures.wordpress.com/author/danbacana/

Kanryu (Kagawa Teruyuki): Crazy! He’s awesome! I love how he was able to put  a  humor  in that  bad character.

Photo from: http://audio-visualstyle.blogspot.com/
Photo from: http://audio-visualstyle.blogspot.com/

Yahiko (Tanaka Taketo): Although I could only count his appearances, his character is stuck in my head. I think it’s about his acting and how he delivers his lines. The Kid’s got talent, baby!

Photo from: http://powet.tv
Photo from: http://powet.tv

Sanosuke (Aoki Munetaka): Woah! According to fans he’s supposedly good looking just like the original character. But for me, he doesn’t have to. His acting skills were amazing! And I think it’s only the physical appearance that had a lil change, but the personality of the character was still there. I like their tandem (Kenshin).

The rest of the cast wasn’t memorable to me. I think it’s about their character, or is it just me not able to watch the original series, so I lost my attention to them?  And because of the movie, I am now retracting the series. Watching some of the episodes, re-reading the story line, and trying to find a book.  Oh, well.. What would I not give for Japan?! XD

I’d also like to add something, an experience worth bragging for. Though I was alone (as always- because my reservation was late and some friends watched it at another SM branch) and surrounded by groups, couples who are fans of RK,  I was really at ease. It was uncomfortable at first because everyone has someone to talk to and you can hear chattering here and there, but when the movie started.. The whole place became so silent. A solemn movie moment…. Finally,  after Twilight! 😀 I laughed and giggled over the quirky parts of the movie, held my breath at every fight scene, gush and gasp over Kenshin and even applaud with the fans after Kenshin’s “I’m Home” line. It was like, hey! I belong  now, acceptable? XD

In an over-all rating, I would not rate it with 5 stars.. Rather the whole galaxy! I thought Twilight’s Epic Finale will top my Best Movies of 2012 since it was the most waited (at least for twihards),  turns out  it’s not! Move a lil beautiful vampire, take the #1 spot gorgeous faced Samurai! >.<

I wish my white-bad-wolf will also soon come to life! And I’d like it to also be Takeru-kan. *-*



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*And wait, isn’t this the longest post so far? And the first review ever! *starts praising herself. 😀 So really, post your comments. Would really be glad to read them! 😉


The Mistress

Kaka-galing ko lang sa SM Mega Mall ngayon. At hindi parin ako maka-get over sa The Mistress.

Nakaka-asar.. nakaka-inis… nakaka-bitin.. Parang gustong-gusto kong mag-sisigaw kanina sa loob ng sinehan dahil na-wendang ako sa ending.

Peru for the record… super worthy ng movie. Aprob na aprob. Pasok sa banga. Winner na winner!  Hindi yun yung usual na Pinoy Love Story na ini-expect ko bago ako pumasok sa sinehan. Wala na akong ma-say. Napaka-ganda ng pag-kaka-gawa. Ang husay-husay ng acting. Nakaka-wendang at haveyh-na haveyh ang balik tambalang John Lloyd-Bea!



*Image Source: http://kapamilyanewsngayon.blogspot.com/

*Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/ABSstarcinema