For Amo Gani. A friend. A big brother:  You are remembered.

I no longer see your smile

The curve of your lips that lightens me up.

I no longer hear your voice;

The thunder of anger when I’m being pushed by people,

The cheer of your joy when I’m happy.

The voice that tells me where to go, what to do,

To be strong, be tough and be unbreakable.

I miss your songs so much

The songs that speak for my heart.

I no longer see that hand that extends

To pull me when I’m down;

To push me when in doubt.

I know you’re no longer to  be found in this world,

But I know you’re still with me;

Your songs, your art, your heart.

I know you are now happy somewhere,

Continue resting in peace.

You are missed and will always be loved.



In Your Eyes

When no one is present to help you,

I’d be glad to lend a hand and pull you up.

When you feel like the world is being unfair,

I’m here behind you, willing to tap your shoulders.

Don’t be afraid to cry,

I’m ready to listen to your story.

I would not mind at all

If I only have your attention whenever no one is around.

Won’t mind if you only count on me when you’re in trouble.

And I won’t mind at all

If you only need me when everyone got their backs on you.

I’m here to be your crying shoulder; your friend.

Someone who believes in you.

Someone who trust you.

Because in your eyes,

I know there’s someone stronger inside,

someone who is better than who is outside.

I know,

I love the real person I see in your eyes.

See you around

Memory Lane

It is such a weigh in the heart,

Looking to what’s behind.

Memories are running in my mind

Like a movie I’d love to watch over and over.

Everytime I’d glance back,

Tears would flow in my eyes.

Tracks of photos tells me to go back

Instead of moving forward.

I’d stand their for a moment,

Re-think and re-decide.

But I feel like continue walking

Leaving something for my dreams.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the friendship,

Not that I’m proving to someone else that I can leave them.

It’s that I feel the need of chasing my dreams

Before they do run to chase me.

Indeed it’s not yet good bye

You know that when I waive “see yah round”.

It means I’m gonna miss you,

And will surely be back soon.



It’s biologically viewing the emotion of a human desire

A cultural phenomenon that arises partly due to pressure

Purely a cultural invention attached to expectations

It’d be unfair if you dissent,

It couldn’t be bad if you plead

If it’d lead to something, sure I’d do well

What if I say please, would you allow me?

What if I say please, would you touch me?

Should you turn when I call out your name?

In full fascination kiss me, please.

The domination of one’s thoughts

A compulsive preoccupation with an idea

Often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

Having lost hopes,

Employing extreme measures

Attempting to escape defeat

An aggravation of need and intensity

In short Love,

Call it Obsession,

Define it desperation

Just lend me your ears as I whisper

What if I say please, would you look at me?

What if I say please, would you talk to me?

Should you turn when I call out your name?

In full fascination tell me you love me, please.

(Inspiration form What If I say Please by Late Night Alumni)