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Random Venus’ Top Picks ft. Baby Shutter (Samsung PL20)

July is when I met my baby shutter. It wasn’t love at first sight though because I was dreaming for a different camera. I bought this for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s less expensive compare to my dream camera which was the Samsung NX200
  2. It’s 14MP which is close to some DSLR with 16MP.
  3. And of course, it’s SAMSUNG!

I became a huge fan of Samsung since my first Samsung phone which was Wave GT8500. I love that phone so much because although compared to other phones with higher specs and popularity, that phone can do more than what I have ever expected. It can read doc files and I’m so lovin’ the camera because of its ability to capture what my eyes wants to. Okay ‘naf of the dramas. And you might ask where did that phone go? It’s a secret. Hahaha! But to make it short, it’s no longer with me.

This camera is the memory (lol) of my previous company.

I love this baby so much I can’t give up on it yet. It’s not perfect like DSLR or cameras with higher specs. But it just takes a little bit of edit here and there… adjustments her and there and my photos are good to go!

Here are my top picked photos that my baby shutter took. Hope you’ll like them too. 😉

The specs I love about her (and yeh, she’s a she.J ):

5X Zoom: Samsung Zoom Lens extends up to 27mm (Though sometimes, especially when the lighting is bad the contrast and the pixel of the photo losses.)

14 Mega Pixels

Smart Settings Feature

Normal AF and Macro Settings which is a good way for too distant and too near subjects.

Happy Clicking!


Dear Next Reader… Love Kathleen

I have sorted my things out to clean up my room and lighten my baggage. Yes! You read it right. “Baggage”. Meaning, I’ll be going home. This is an insta-decision I made just early this morning.

And so, here goes some of my books to be donated to Caritas Charity Store. This store accepts donations of used and old things for selling and proceeds goes to their foundation. Cool than stuffing them in and be a heavy in my baggage. Right?  Besides, it is also time to pass the messages of these awesome books I kept and learned from. 😉 Hoping the next reader/s will love them as much as I did!

And of course, passing it on also needs a lil bit from my heart… I included in some notes to personalized it and let the next reader know how much I cherished this books. 😉 Say sweet! or better yet… draaaaaaammmaaa! 😀


LOVESTRUCK *Singles Edition by Ronald Molmisa

Hi, I’m Kath, 22 and still single. Para sa naka-rarami masyadong out sa uso ang edad ko para maging single.  At ang nakaka-iritang laging tanong, “WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE?” na di ko rin naman masagot-sagot. I-sisi sa mga lalaking masyadong mataas ang standards sa pisikal na anyo ng babae! haha! Joke lang syempre. 😉

Ayun sa huling love quiz ko, ang rason ng pagiging single ko ay dahil sa sarili ko din! Peru ang totoo nyan di ko rin mapag-tanto sa sarili ko ba’t ganun ang naging resulta ng quiz ko. Peru anyhow, I won’t dwell on that. Wala akong dapat sisihin sa pagiging single ko.  HIndi ako nag-kulang sa pag-mamahal at pag-papahalaga sa sarili ko (hindi naman kaya masyadong na-sobrahan na naging self-centered na ako? hindi din ah!). I always believed that God has a special plan for me. Sabi ko nga, baka di ko pa nakaka-salubong ang one-true love ko, at kung sakali man, baka hindi pa iyun ang tamang oras para mag-kakilala kami. Strongly agree din naman ako sa right timing.

Kuya Ronald did not just wrote about the goodness of “siglehood”, he also didn’t just taught me how is dating supposed to be and where courtship should lead the two of you. Just like the first edition of this book, Kuya Ronald delivered God’s message not just to us Singles who are literally alone (but emotionally happy), but also to those who are single in civil status yet in a relationship.

A book filled with love and realizations. Marami ang matututunan sa librong ito! Para sa mga single and ready to mingle, single dahil kaka-break lang, sa mga ikakasal, may planong magpa-kasal, sa mga single-minded, self-centered at sa lahat ng klase ng single emotionally, physically,  at spiritually.

Pano ba yan, na-LOVESTRUCK ulit ako. Sa uulitin Kuya Ronald! Maraming salamat! 😉

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