Random Venus’ Top Picks ft. Baby Shutter (Samsung PL20)

July is when I met my baby shutter. It wasn’t love at first sight though because I was dreaming for a different camera. I bought this for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s less expensive compare to my dream camera which was the Samsung NX200
  2. It’s 14MP which is close to some DSLR with 16MP.
  3. And of course, it’s SAMSUNG!

I became a huge fan of Samsung since my first Samsung phone which was Wave GT8500. I love that phone so much because although compared to other phones with higher specs and popularity, that phone can do more than what I have ever expected. It can read doc files and I’m so lovin’ the camera because of its ability to capture what my eyes wants to. Okay ‘naf of the dramas. And you might ask where did that phone go? It’s a secret. Hahaha! But to make it short, it’s no longer with me.

This camera is the memory (lol) of my previous company.

I love this baby so much I can’t give up on it yet. It’s not perfect like DSLR or cameras with higher specs. But it just takes a little bit of edit here and there… adjustments her and there and my photos are good to go!

Here are my top picked photos that my baby shutter took. Hope you’ll like them too. 😉

The specs I love about her (and yeh, she’s a she.J ):

5X Zoom: Samsung Zoom Lens extends up to 27mm (Though sometimes, especially when the lighting is bad the contrast and the pixel of the photo losses.)

14 Mega Pixels

Smart Settings Feature

Normal AF and Macro Settings which is a good way for too distant and too near subjects.

Happy Clicking!



Fall in Love all over again with 2ne1’s latest single!

A big come back after a year of being held up? Probably not… yet! But wait for it…

YG Entertainment has announced that 2ne1 will have its single releases starting July to October of this year. And the new single “Falling In Love” is dropped to get the insane-hopefully-awesome releasing started before the big album!

The MV and the song is really cool- to start off. Allow me to enumerate what I love about this new single and probably point what I don’t like but not really hate, eh? 😉

Here we go…

The MV: I super love the cool summer inspired of the music video! And do I have to mention how good looking and charming our favorite girls are in those summer-inspired outfits keeping their fierceness while showing off their sort-a innocent charms? Or do I really make sense in pointing this out?  😀

The SONG:  The Reggae-influenced song is really cool! It added a new taste and twist to the usual genre and singing style of the girls. I just love the beat and the song as a whole. This definitely reminds me of summer!

Only a thing that I don’t like about the song,is how they made Dara’s voice too much of auto-tune. ;( l I like how they were able to keep their style but I don’t feel like liking the auto-tune on Dara’s lines. I don’t hate it either. There’s a difference between un-liking and hating it. Okay? 😉

Nevertheless, I’m still falling in love to this song! The fans are really looking forward to these monthly releases and the album. Exciting? Yes? Of course it is! 🙂

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KElectroPop Favorite: Humming Urban Stereo

Electro Pop music has its very addicting vibe.  And Humming Urban Stereo isn’t just some other indie artist!



This Korean Electro Pop artist is surprisingly a band, though it only consist of Lee Jeereen who’s talent to music is outstanding, and some random female guest vocals who’s voices are too sweet it blends well to Lee’s arrangements.

Humming Urban Stereo is founded by Lee Jeereen in 2004. The most common vocals and is considered part of the band is Shina-E. Humming girl also was part of the band before she left to study in Japan and died in March 2012.

I met this band somewhere 2011 and got easily hooked with their songs especially Baby Love, Banana Shake and Hawaiian Couple. And now these songs represents my other blog (Dear Crush) as the perk-me-up-make-me-fall-in-love-all-over-again songs.

Here are my top favorites:

LOVE JAM is from the 4th and most recent Album: SPARKLE which was released in November 2012.

BABY LOVE [Album: Baby Love in February 2009]

HAWAIIAN COUPLE [Album: Purple Drop in March 2006]

BANANA SHAKE [Album: Very very Nice! And Short Cake in January 2005]

지랄 (Ji-Ral) (Okay, English totally says this is somewhat a swear: “BS”. And reading the translations gives the title more sense. Click here to read the English Trans.) [Album: Baby Love in February 2009 ]