RIL* Part 2: Holy Trinity Shrine & San Vicente Ferrer

*Religiously In Love


After the visit to the miraculous Mama Mary of Simala, my Mom’s friend invited us over for lunch at their house in San Fernando. I didn’t expect such a surprise to their house because I thought they’re living at the town proper. And voila! Great surprises are great!

We were picked up at the church by Aunt Jocy and her future-son-in-law. We rode a motorcycle going there and wasn’t aware that we’re heading up to the hills until I saw the scene in front of me. When I looked behind me, I was so amazed that I couldn’t help but say “woah!” as the landscape grows even more wonderful in front of my eyes.


After lunch, Aunt Jocy toured us at the Mount Calvary at Holy Trinity Shrine. It was a perfect day to visit the Calvary hill because it was cloudy. No heat of the sun. But not also pouring. It feels so great to visit such a Calvary hill. The one I’ve visited in Leyte when I was there for the Holy week was far dull compared here. And still the breath-taking scenery from the hill won’t blur in your eyes because it’s marvelously beautiful!


The visit at San Vicente Ferrer is mainly just to pray and give thanks for the day that was given to us. And it has been a tradition in the family that whenever we visit a place new to us, we should drop by at the church to give thanks for the bestowed and blessed day.


Thank you Auntie Jocy and her Mom for the invitation and for the warm-very-familiar welcome! Until the next visit! xxx



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