The First Laruku Songs that swept my heart away

January 2012, when I first heard these songs and couldn’t almost explain the feelings I got towards it. It was a mix of everything a heart could feel.

Caress Of Venus (True Album)

Lyrics: hyde  Music: ken

The first time I’ve watched this on youtube, it was a slide show of hyde’s photos. But to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the slide show thinking that the man is not connected to the song. Besides, my intention at first was to hear the band that my crush loves the most. >.<

Before the English translation of the song, I first thought that it’s a song describing how beautiful a woman is.  Considering that women are represented by the planet Venus.

I really like the rhythm and beat of the song. The guitars and hyde’s very sexy voice (which I always mention and which is a fact in every Laruku song. Haha!) Every time I hear this song, I remember standing in the elevator in my previous company with my earphones on max and swaying- feeling the sexiness of the song. Which was by the way the first L’Awkward moment.


I’m So Happy *Acoustic Version (Kaze ni Kienaide Single |The Best Of L’Arc~en~Ciel C/W*acoustic )

Lyrics & Music: hyde

I didn’t know that there is an original version of this song. The video was then my conclusion that the band was born in the 90’s, which surprised me much when I saw the PV for XXX, because the members of the band didn’t had much any changes – physically. I mean duhh, are you sure they’re on their 40’s? I was just like watching a video taken in 1991 a few days ago… ahh hello?

So anyways, those were the reactions too… : ))

I honestly prefer this acoustic version than the original one. The feel of this song is very laid back and relax compared to the screaming hyde in the original version. Though when I’m stressed or depressed, I would listen to the original version to inject some blaring energy and positivity in my consciousness.

And then there was…

Niji (Niji Single)

Lyrics: hyde Music: ken

That made me cry.

Even before I’ve read the English Translation of the song, I did feel the pain of the lyrics already through hyde’s singing. This time, hyde’s sexy voice had fade away and there goes his amazing voice that tells a story and pain behind every words.

I also super love the drums here.  And I could hear the bass clearly, without looking for it. Not to mention how beautiful the guitar is, though I became a ken biased in My Heart Draws A Dream.


As a very picky music lover, I would look for a spark in a certain song. I always make sure there’s something that sends to my nerves and makes my heart pound faster. Without it, my eyes would just roll. And this band just amazed me so much I fell in love with them this much!





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