Week 011-016

Hellloooowwwww Weekly photo challenge! Well, as y’all know I’ve been out from the cyberworld for a loooong vacation. But it didn’t stop me from taking photos. In fact I’v got tons of them.. though only a few are actually good looking- to be honest. ūüėÄ

So here are the “I-think-the-better-ones“. Week 17-21 coming next.;) Hope everyone is having fun under the sun! ūüėČ

Lee Min Ho: My Everything 1st Debut Album Released!

Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho released his first debut album on May 24, 2013. This is due to popular demand. The fans had been requesting him to release an album since he started singing on tours and some shows.

Photo from JPopAsia

Answering to his fans desire, Lee Min Ho released an album entitled My Everything. This didn’t honestly surprise me, because he released singles in the past: My Everything in 20009 and Extreme for Cass 2X Beer Commercial in the same year .

The album contains 7 tracks including the song My Everything. This album is dedicated of course to his fans.¬†JPopAsia said: “The actor’s new album serves as fan service rather than a serious attempt to debut as a singer.” Though it’s more like JUST FOR FANS and not to seriously get into the music industry, Lee Min Ho DIDN’T JUST sing. The actor (now a recording artist) worked with Korean Producer¬†Hwang Chan Hee¬†who has worked with various artists. And I must admit, I like the album as a whole: ¬†the reason behind the release and the track listing.

I can also say that the album contains different genres. He didn’t just focus on Pop and Ballad. My favorite, Pieces of Love has a rock-ish element on it. On his song My Everything, his vocals sounds different to my ears. What I mean by different is, it got better. Except that I prefer how he pronounced MY EVERYTHING before. ¬†But pronunciation don’t matter because for fans this release means a lot (like A LOT) to them.

What’s next for Lee Min Ho? Dance Floor heart-throb? ¬†We could hardly tell.

But what’s in? For this year, Min Ho will have an Asian Tour, and it includes Philippines! No wonder my sister is saving up again. Seems like they didn’t have enough (and will never get enough) of Lee Min Ho after his Manila visit last November 2012 for #GlobalBenchSetter.

*Info Source: http://www.jpopasia.com/news/lee-min-ho-to-release-first-album-my-everything-tour-across-asia::13987.html

Breakfast at Gapo. But why I wasn’t happy?

A beach stretching to the pacific ocean? Find one in Gapo Beach!


Only a few kilometers away from the town proper, Gapo beach is another pride of Gamay…. Or if you would allow me to say, it used¬†to be.

I am just very-VERY disappointed after this excursion we had one early morning.

On the photos you’ll see nothing but beauty. Well it really is beautiful… watching the sun rises and rays are striking unto the ocean… the water so cold… sea breeze so relaxing and you’ll hear nothing but trees swaying into the rhythm of the air and the waves singing. ¬†Amazingly beautiful, right?

But what’s the horror? Beauty has it’s beast behind.

You see, I only took a snap of the seas, but you never get to see what’s behind me.

You’ll never believe that a beach, natural and undeveloped is NO LONGER A VIRGIN! Tell you why: One main reason, it became a dump site of wastes from around the town.¬†I saw horror! Something, I didn’t expect when I was still younger.

When it was the time of Mayor Gomba, or was Mayor Odol Capoquian? There used to be a permanent dump site meters away from the beach. This is IF my memory serves me right. And IF not, Gamaynons, BE MY JUDGE. I would be humble to stand corrected.

This couldn’t be what I should be talking about in my blog, because one thing, I should be PROUD of what we have. But the people is destroying it breaking my heart! And it really pains me to see how dirty the beach ¬†had become.¬†My family used to enjoy it here. Now where would we spend our reunions and special occasions? Sure we can opt to use the house, which in fact we have been doing by the way for the past few years. But what if we want to celebrate somewhere; a place where we used to laugh, talk about those days and what’s in the future? Should a neighborhood town’s BETTER beaches save us? It definitely would be a SHAME!

I hope that this will make Gamaynons: ordinary citizens or government officials realize how terrible it is to see a pride turning to be an ugly one and how horrifying  it is to imagine it as the DISGRACE our our beloved hometown.


P.S. Pardon my frustration and disappointment. Only to realize that my photos has “GAMAY MAHUSAY!” on it, which means Beautiful Gamay. What can I say? An early morning post written on the spot. Now you know that I edit my shots first before expressing my thoughts.