PSY on being a GENTLEMAN

On April 12, 2013  PSY will be releasing his new single entitled “GENTLEMAN” in 119 countries.

Ambitious much? Well after he’s infected the world with his Gangnam Style, who knows? According to an article from JPop Asia, this is to determine if PSY is a one-hit wonder or a real global star.

I’ve listened to the 30 second preview of the song. And to me it sounds like his first song; Gangnam Style, though there’s sort of club mix beat that can be inviting.

The 30 second preview highlights the lyrics “I’m a Mother Father Gentleman” (or at least it sounds like a “Father”). At first heard I judged it right away and even posted on facebook that I doubt it’s going to hit its target and the song is next to nonsense. But I guess, I have judged it so easily, because when I tried to listen to it over and over,  I’ve realized that the song can be very addicting because of the beat. What I think now is, this may cannot be a global sensation, but can be a club house favorite.

It can be a hit or a miss. We’ll never know until tomorrow. But I wish PSY the best of luck for this new single.

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