Dire Bonjour à Cheese French Toast!

This is really simple. The first time I’ve heard the name, I was scared because it might need more utensils and ingredients. But when my aunt told me it’s gonna as easy as frying eggs. I said YAY! 😀

Here it is. And by the way, the “cheese” part, is my own twist. Just wanna try if it’d work with it. And it did!


Sliced Bread



Cheese Spread



  • Beat eggs with the cheese spread.
  • Spread on sliced bread a hint of butter. Then dip it in the beaten eggs.
  • You can use a microwave oven to toast. Or use a frying pan.
  •  If using a frying pan, put butter into. Make sure that the entire surface will be buttered or else the bread will stick into it and worse burn the bread. 😀
  • Make sure both sides of the bread will be toasted. Then serve.

Been learning how to prepare food for the past few days. This is to prove myself that I may not have the talent, but I’ve got the interest. Haha!



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