Re-alive!: The Easter Sunday Special at Tadyaw Beach Resort and Spa, Tolosa, Leyte

Tadyaw, a jar made out of clay; that is what the name is in English.


But what’s in Tadyaw and it’s one of the most visited beach resorts in Tolosa, Leyte?

That used to be my question until my eyes wandered around the beautiful and happy place.



It’s easy!  Tadyaw is just along the way. Just don’t get confuse with the roads going Ormoc and Maasin, because the two will lead you to different ways. 😀

Private Ride

  • From Tacloban City it’d only take a 30 to 45 minute drive.
  • Drive to Palo, Leyte then once in Palo, take the Maasin way. You’ll know you’re in Palo town proper when you reach the Cathedral. (Note that going Ormoc (right) is a different way than Maasin(left).)
  • Once in Tanauan crossing, take the way to the town proper which will lead you to Tolosa. (In that crossing area the right side road is going Dagami/Burauen while the left side is your way to Tolosa/Mayorga).
  • Tolosa is just a few minutes away from Tanauan town proper. Just drive straight ahead.
  • If this ‘how to’ of mine failed, check google map. It’s easier! 😀  Or better yet, ask. Nothing to worry about, waray-waray’s are very nice and they’ll help you willingly! 😉

Public Transpo

  • From Tacloban City it’s a 45 minute to almost an hour ride.  Ride a jeepney going Tolosa or Mayorga. Both are passing by the place. Fair from the city proper is only 15php (Philippine peso).
  • If you’re not sure of what you’re doing (which is so like me! haha), ask the konduktor or driver. Then they’ll drop you off at Tadyaw.



If you really are craving for some beach fresh air and cool salty water and fun and peace and beauty… then Tadyaw is perfect for you! They also cater events from simple, small occasions to weddings and reunions and organization events at a very sensible price! Our cottage is only for 1,200php good for 10 people with free entrance. You can also bring in food without the corkage fee and charges and everything. Which some resorts don’t actually accommodate.  But if you hate the loads of bringing your own food, they have a restaurant and a grille where you can order.

Hyper fact:  I just want to say that their staff’s uniform is super cool!  The flowered dresses and maxi dresses and slippers and the Hawaiian inspired outfits. I even told myself, I’m gonna love working there because of the uniform… and the golf car also! Haha! 



The landscape of Tadyaw is perfect for photographers and nature lovers. A walk around the mini-zoo that displays some birds, the ducks that walks around the resort, the horses and the cows eating grass, the cheerful monkeys, and a couple ostrich will be kid’s instant favorite.  My nephew, Carl surely enjoyed calling the owls by making a sound of a monkey! Crazy kid! Haha!


Tadyaw also has a Spa and what’s more? The spa is just along the beach, beside the cottages. Talking about some relaxing moment with the cool breeze and warm sun!


Obviously, there’s none so much you could do in a beach but just enjoy the water, have fun bonding with your friends and families. But in Tadyaw, the experience is at a different level.

SAM_4820 SAM_4828 SAM_4833 SAM_4853 SAM_4854 SAM_4858 SAM_4860 SAM_4863 SAM_4868 SAM_4883 SAM_4944 SAM_4952 SAM_4953 SAM_4957 SAM_4964 SAM_4968 SAM_4975 SAM_4979 SAM_4982 SAM_5005 SAM_5008

I shall return!



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