Happy Birthday Mother Monster!

Photo: http://thatgrapejuice.net/2012/09/listen-lady-gaga-releases-rap-number/

Thank you for teaching us how to be braver, tougher and stronger. Thank you for letting us realize how beautiful we are. Thank you for letting us know that we are worth more than jewels. Thank you because you teach us how to be our selves, how to be proud for who we are. Thank you for your music. Please continue being an inspiration! You are the most beautiful monster! Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Now here are my top 5 Lady Gaga picks:


The Rock Icon: Nabunglayan


Thirty minutes of walk under the scorching heat of the sun from our house to this magical place is so worthy! This rock formation is just one of God’s gift to Gamay: my very lovely hometown located at the eastern part of the country. Nabunglayan as it is called is the most favorite and most visited of both Gamaynons (Gamay citizens) and visitors (foreign and local). Why not? You can never go wrong with its mini-pools and cool waters that can distress any tired body and soul.


Nabunglayan Rock is an icon. Aside from its wonderful natural rock formation, cool waters and adorable sea creatures and its breath-taking location (north-eastern tip of the town; facing the pacific ocean), this haven is probably the most accessible among all summer destinations in town. You can reach it by just a few minutes of walk from the town proper, or can be taken by boat during high tides; although the place is most preferably enjoyed during low tides.

1If you really are wishing for that summer tan, just dip yourself in a mini-pool under the sun and voila! You did not only get your desired summer skin color, you also get to relaxed yourself from the hell weeks of your life!  😉

Due to heavy waves, these smaller rocks are produced and formed.
The little fishes that swim in the mini-pools. Dipping my feet in this pool filled with little fishes was a happy experience.
“Lato” as it is called is a plant that grows in the deep waters. This was freshly picked by Tatay Eme in the deeps. Dip this in vinegar- very deliciouso!
Mama and Nanay Lolit. They were like, “take a photo of us and post this in your blog. Let us be your models!” lols.

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Happy Summer! 😉


Had burned myself too much! The skin on my chest, shoulders and back parts are now peeling. Note to self: NEVER EVER DARE FORGET TO APPLY A PRODUCT RICH IN SPF – the higher the better! Still thank goodness that my face didn’t react that much. It just turned red- it even scared me. 😀