Single, it’s complicated… whatever your relationship status is, L’Arc wouldn’t care! Because all they want is to be with you!
Join LArcMNL as we post-celebrate the Valentines Day with L’Arc~en~ciel of course! 😉

P.S. I’m sweating. Suddenly become it’s hot in here! Is it only me or is it Ken’s photo? 😀


Roses are red, rainbows are you.
My life has changed, the day I’ve found the four you
Cheesy as it may be, I know it’s true.
Join us on L’Arc Love if you feel the same way too.

So let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together, we’ll be waiting for you.
It’ll be much sweeter as this party’s not just for two.
And as my poem reaches its end, I do hope you can attend.

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