My TOP 10 L’Arc~en~ciel Songs and the reasons

It was out of the blues mixed with curiosity when I checked out L’Arc~en~ciel songs in youtube the first time I met them. At that time, I was not ready to fall for another Japanese band. My love for music was isolated to Korean, American and Filipino music. There’s only one Japanese band though that stands out from the list: Round Table ft. Nino, whom I met in 2010 through Michelle Phan.

But great as it is; in three songs, I was able to swear to the band. I can still remember the pain when I first heard Niji, and even remember my reaction to Caress of Venus.

Today, I’ll show you my TOP 10 picks. Actually they’re not top 10, literally. It’s hard to choose from one song to another because L’Arc songs are too amazing it makes us hard to choose one.  These top songs are randomly selected based on their relation to my so-called life (echos!), the impact when I first heard them, the lyrics, or should I say the English translation, and the song as a whole.


10. Bless (Translations:

Lyrics & Music: Hyde Album: Bless (Single)

9. Pieces (English:

Lyrics: hyde Music: Tetsu Album: Pieces (Single)

8. C’est La Vie (Translations:

Lyrics: Hyde Music: Tetsu Album: Heavenly

7.  I’m So Happy (Acoustic Version) (English:,L’Arc~En~Ciel.html)

Lyrics & Music: Hyde Album: Kaze ni Kienaide Single

I still love the clean version. Though the original version shouts ROCK!

6. Seventh Heaven (Trans:

Lyrics & Music: Hyde Album: Kiss

Okay, move over… clear the floor… I’m dancing!

5. Sell My Soul (Translations:

Lyrics & Music: Hyde Album: Ray

Before hearing L’Arc~en~ciel, I kind of had difficulties and pay too much attention to each and every instrument of a certain song, just to distinguish the sound of the bass. Some bands tend to sound the base like the drums or the guitars. So when I first heard Sell my soul, I couldn’t help a wide smile to finally found all the instruments sounding so clear! Now, with the rest of the L’Arc songs, I don’t need to close my eyes too hard just to find where the damn good base sound is because it separates from the sound of the other instruments. ALL HAIL TO TETSUYA and his always amazing bass skills! But I’m not loving this song just because of the base though, haha! There’s something to the melody and oh well yes, ken’s guitar!

4. Niji (Rainbow) (Trans:

Lyrics: Hyde Music: Ken Album: Niji (Single)


There’s too much emotion in this song. Pain and hope all rolled into one song. I also love yukihiro’s drumming here.

3. Caress of Venus (Translations:

Lyrics: Hyde Music: Ken Album: True

Let’s just say, because this was one of those first Laruku songs I’ve heard? No! Because it swept my heart away the first time I heard it. I felt like my hips suddenly swing to the rhythm of the song. And I know there’s something to VENUS and her CARESS! 😀

2. My Heart Draws A Dream (English Trans:

Lyrics: Hyde Music: Ken Album: My Heart Draws A Dream (Single)

Actually, in one sentence…. If I’ll have a song to my future husband, it would be this! With the music, I love the guitar intro, and how dreamy it sounds through out the song. It’s like from the beginning of song you can already close your eyes and start dreaming until the very end. In fact, when I saw the video of the live performance in Jakarta, my eyes were wet because it was like the song speaks for the dreams of thousands of fans who were there.

1  Hitomi No Jyuunin (The Apple of me Eyes/Resident of Eyes) (Translations:

Lyrics: Hyde Music: Tetsu  Album: Smile | Hitomi No Jyuunin (Single)


Novia and I both thought that this song is written for hyde’s kid, most probably because of the lyrics. The song is talking about love, something that is not the most common one like a man to a woman and anything related… it’s something so deep. But according to sketchy’s analysis it came from tetsu’s dream. Which he also confirmed during one of the interviews. No wonder how the person who dreamed about it was able to put up one beautiful music composition. The violins (or are those just effects? but sound like violin), piano, the guitar, the melody, hyde’s voice… No word could ever best describe my love for this song. If I’d be asked, this is the MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG I’ve ever heard in my 22 years of existence. I’ll listen the whole day to this song on loop in my playlist. Plus, the guitar solo brings tears to my eyes. That’s how beautiful it is!

Honestly, it’s quiet hard to choose and pick up just 10 out of so many L’Arc songs. I actually have hundreds of TOP 10 in my list. XD And also notice, on the first 3-5 songs, my thoughts are way limited or most likely none. Because I’m afraid I’ll keep on repeating how much I love the melody, the guitar, hyde’s voice and this and that which actually can be explained by the song it self. Haha!

What’s your TOP 10 L’Arc picks? Share them below! 😉




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