The Instant fan girling to Uchu Sentai Noiz

The Noiz once again ROCKED Manila last night at the 40th Nihongo Fiesta organized by Japan Foundation Manila (JFM). Seems like last year’s visit became an extreme demand! woot!

It was an awesome experience! Can’t believe that I was watching a Japanese band performing live despite the fact that I know nothing about them and their songs. It was just an instant decision and out of curiosity. And besides, y’all know I’m in the process of discovering more Japanese bands to rock my world- right? 😉

Such an amazing audience too! Noiz PH, yowh sooo lucky! ;)
Such an amazing audience too! Noiz PH, yowh sooo lucky! 😉

I love the energy and the quirky “sort-a brutal” attitude of the boys on stage. Though I know they can be soo sweet off stage. 🙂

During the first two songs, I was like “hey nice drums! What’s his name again?.. wooo that guitar… who is he?…. yeah cuteness… and what’s his name?“. I was really-really clueless even at the names of the members. But then again, because their songs made me dance, jump and scream.. there I was.. care less of what I was doing. 

Kataro is sooo cute and his guitar solo made me so speechless and left my mouth wide open!

But Masato’s finger lickin’, hair whippin’, crazy dancin’, and his over-all insane stage presence really swept me off my feet. He seemed to enjoy his own moment and he would not care. Plus I super also hype his metallica singing.


Over-all, I love the performance and I had so much fun! I can’t stop hoping for LArcMNL to finally happen; and this time let L’Arc~en~Ciel turn Philippines upside-down!

Uchuu Sentai Noiz, YOU ROCK! Hanggang sa muli! 😉


Dear Next Reader… Love Kathleen

I have sorted my things out to clean up my room and lighten my baggage. Yes! You read it right. “Baggage”. Meaning, I’ll be going home. This is an insta-decision I made just early this morning.

And so, here goes some of my books to be donated to Caritas Charity Store. This store accepts donations of used and old things for selling and proceeds goes to their foundation. Cool than stuffing them in and be a heavy in my baggage. Right?  Besides, it is also time to pass the messages of these awesome books I kept and learned from. 😉 Hoping the next reader/s will love them as much as I did!

And of course, passing it on also needs a lil bit from my heart… I included in some notes to personalized it and let the next reader know how much I cherished this books. 😉 Say sweet! or better yet… draaaaaaammmaaa! 😀


Fly! Birdy, fly!

Here goes your most artistic Aries in the world! 😀


A regular reader in my mushykitty blog is quiet impressed with my lil doodles. He was asking me to start painting since he saw that my usual background (this is when I pose and pose! 😀) has changed from the painted wood to the sea of anime posters. And so here it goes… for Romil! 😉

The bird is inspired by Black Rock Shooter (the little bird who loves to travel and collect all kinds of emotions represented by colors. Story here).This idea is also inspired by and their amazing paintings and works.

Do you think I can make money out of this wonderful boredom killer of mine? hahaha! Nahh, trolling!

I am on pinterest, can you believe it? haha! Check me out! 😉

Happy weekend!

My weekly photos went so silent over the past few weeks. I’ll be working on them soon. I told yah, it’s quiet hard for me to stay still in my projects and challenges. haha!