Heavens Drive to Niji (The L’Arc~en~ciel Challenge) Intro: WHY L’ARC~EN~CIEL?

Time check, 1:10am and I know it’s too odd to still be awake and run my pen through my journal. I think the coffee I drank today did a pretty well job to keep me awake until this very time.

So anyway, why am I here? I don’t know either! The whole time I was thinking about doing something for my blog’s banner… then a post at #LArcMNL group page made me realize that I haven’t posted about my promised entry yet.

Last year as I celebrate the first year since I discovered Laruku, I announced about the upcoming L’Arc~en~ciel challenge. As I soon start the challenges I have set in my planner, I’ve decided not to post them. The drafts are not as interesting as how they should be, and later did I realize that it takes inspiration to write something worth reading. Even a video I shoot in November remained private in youtube. I guess I am too afraid to have it published because it featured kids and DSWD might call me! Haha!

I have been looking for inspirations to be able to continue with the mini-project. Fellow cielers have been posting stuffs lately talking about L’Arc~en~ciel, yet I remain clueless of what to write and why I did.

And tonight (night? Err day!), I’m going to start with: “WHY L’ARC~EN~CIEL?” (Thank you yukie-belle for the wonderful post! 😉 ).


You all know the story about Bonjour L’Arc~en~ciel, don’t you? Although I have never been proud of how I met them, I still am grateful I did. The person who unknowingly introduced them to me must be proud now! 😀 But why L’Arc~en~ciel? Is it because my crush is in-love with them? And I am only trying to imitate him just so I have an excuse to talk to him and for him to realize we share the same interest… Oh, wait! Hang on there. No. Certainly not! I even thought of that before.  I even tried to ignore them and forget that one of their songs swept my heart away. But the band really took my attention, and couldn’t help my self from playing their songs on loop.

So, why L’Arc~en~ciel? I haven’t answered yet. I have been questioned so many times; either by a friend, a relative (yes, that includes Mom) or even a stranger who accidentally heard my caller tone, saw my tweet, read my status, or was notified by a certain fave in youtube. And every time I am asked, my only answer is: “Why not?”

In my youtube channel’s description box, I wrote: “Music has no boundaries; and it gathers people all over the world.” And L’Arc~en~ciel can prove that! Language can commonly be a barrier. But in L’Arc, there’s no such thing called as that. Not because there are generous people who provide translations, but because with their music, rhythm itself is understandable enough. And to be honest, the first time I was asked if I even understand a single word of the song, I felt like stabbing the person on the neck! Well, I don’t have to understand each word of it, I just have to focus on hyde’s voice and how he delivers the song and it’s good enough. Even better when I see the video, xxx anyone? 😀

And to think I have gotten this far but didn’t answer the question yet. I love beating around the bush you know? 😛 So why L’Arc~en~ciel, really? And I’m gonna say it now, just so you won’t leave this post unfinished. Hahaha!

Their captivating music will surely take your heart away.  All the members are very talented to capture not just the ears but also the hearts of the listeners.  They are called Rock band, but they aren’t your regular ones. They stretch rock into different sub-genre (I call it that way): from Mellow and Pop rock to Heavy rock; creating a wide range of music- which also makes them very unique. Versatile as how I best describe them.

On writing songs, they don’t just write because they have to; rather they do because they love to. They are musicians and they best express their feelings through a song. When they write songs, they leave traces and inspire fans, regular listeners, and even co-artists. No wonder it will take us forever to take the spotlight out from them.

L’Arc~en~ciel evolves fashionably and musically. They don’t just stick to this and go with it; rather they go from this, and then jumps to that -adding twists and surprises to each song or album that they release. I guess hiatus is the secret! Because when they are on their own (solo), they discover more about their talent and style. And once they get back together, they apply it to the band [I think I got this realization from one of Lady Rinoa’s entry, or was it from leader-sama himself?]

If you’re dizzy now with my beatings and coatings, let’s just put it this way then. Why L’Arc~en~ciel? The answer is; Why you breath is also why L’Arc~en~ciel is to me and to the millions of fans worldwide. And tell you what, if this answer is still vague; maybe you should listen to them and you’ll soon realize there are hundreds and thousands known and unknown reasons to love them but you won’t be able to put them into words. XD




Coming closer: Heaven’s Drive to Niji set list. The main page where you can easily access and keep track with the L’Arc~en~ciel Challenge category.


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