Summer, here I come!

You can never go wrong when you have an inspiration like Kuya Rommel! Someone who’s got an amazing talent and wonderful eyes for photography! I am so inspired by his site that I even tried to dive into photography despite of.. oh well… lack of talent.

Last summer 2012 I gave my inspired interest a shot  with little tips from my Uncle and yes, with his camera too! 🙂

What do you think? Will this make Kuya Rommel proud and happy? 🙂

Sun Steady Water-scape Stand By Zoom In

All photos are taken at Gamay Northern Samar, Philippines. My hometown with such hidden wonders! And my Summer 2013 itinerary will not be complete without it. So watch out this summer for more snapshots! 😉

*I used Uncle’s Canon 16D in these shots


4 thoughts on “Summer, here I come!

  1. Ahihihi….. I tell yah, Ate Kathleen, glistering water a worst area of mine. I always ended making it a silhouette, or water becomes dark. And reflection! I haven’t had a solid reflection just like yours. Why make me a meter! You do it so well.
    Galing mo ‘te.

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