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For Amo Gani. A friend. A big brother:  You are remembered.

I no longer see your smile

The curve of your lips that lightens me up.

I no longer hear your voice;

The thunder of anger when I’m being pushed by people,

The cheer of your joy when I’m happy.

The voice that tells me where to go, what to do,

To be strong, be tough and be unbreakable.

I miss your songs so much

The songs that speak for my heart.

I no longer see that hand that extends

To pull me when I’m down;

To push me when in doubt.

I know you’re no longer to  be found in this world,

But I know you’re still with me;

Your songs, your art, your heart.

I know you are now happy somewhere,

Continue resting in peace.

You are missed and will always be loved.


This is it! This is really is it! Our chance to let L’Arc~en~ciel know that they are much loved and wanted here in the Philippines!

Join the LArcMNL Valentine Project. Deadline of submission is on February 1, 2013. Read full article for guidelines.

Spread the l’ove!




Watch out Filipino fans! Now is your chance to profess how much L’Arc~en~Ciel is loved in the Philippines!

Create a video for or write a letter to any of the members and we shall collectively send them to Japan.

The Street Team has coordinated directly with the FC and they have confirmed that the package will be received by the official recipient of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s fan mails who in turn assured us that it will be delivered the members!

To participate, simple follow the guidelines below. All entries must be sent to LArcPilipinas@gmail.com on or before February 01.


  • Letter submission must come from Filipino fans only
  • Letters must be addressed to each member not as a band, and as such, fans can submit only one (1) letter per member
  • Letters should be in the following format: http://www.scribd.com/doc/118652277/L-Arc-sample-letter
  • All letters must be written in very simple English or in…

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Heaven’s Drive to Niji (The L’Arc~en~ciel Challenge): Set list


Join me in my journey to the greatest seventh heaven on earth! The unfolding of my l’ove for the Japanese rock band that unites the people from the different sides of the earth!

The list is infinite and the rest is yet to follow. This will be updated from time to time.


Hope to achieve and finish them all with vivid colors!