7th Christmas Toy Fair

I was at the Christmas toy fair 2012 last Saturday. Just sad I arrived there late and was not able to see the Toy Parade- or was it another term-but it’s a parade. 😀 But of course, sadness can easily be drunken by toys. Once again, your random venus was surrounded by toys, toys and the never ending toys that give joys not just to the kids but also to the kids-at-heart!  Oh wait, Toys:Joys! Hey, that rhymes! XD

And as for this event, I got my self some… oh well.. as usual another set of posters for my iWall and a Hello Kitty cap from Hatah-hatah. I wanted to buy more toys and stuffs, but thought thrice and thousands of times, because I hardly can choose from all of the toys around me. And, ran out of the budget, tadah! XD

Nevertheless I had fun at least saying hi to each and every toy. And that was happiness at the cheapest cost! Til the next Toy Fair!

7 days before Christmas! And I don’t have gifts to wrap! Haha! SAM_2723

Visit the organizers and give them a hug! 😉

Toy Con PH


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