Meet me in Eastwood

A city built within a city. Truly, once you get there you’d feel like you’re in a different country. Highly urbanized, Eastwood City is a place where business meets luxury!


Located at Libis, Quezon City, Eastwood is known by it’s different scene.  I have worked there for a couple of months, and the feeling is different. Once you step in the city, you’d feel very professional.Yet despite of the busy streets, you’ll find a relaxing and enjoyable place- the Eastwood Mall. The mall with so much difference from any other mall.


I remember when I first got there, I was really start struck by the structure of the mall. Outside is a colorful and lively architecture that brings out the party-lover side of the small community. Inside the mall are wide, spacious and corner-less corridors. At least to any naked eye, the mall is corner less. With it’s circle-like architecture, you’d probably think it’s corner less at all! 🙂

Because the community is known by it’s beautiful structures, everyone’s thought is the place is all about luxuries. A thought I had proven wrong. Yes, honestly- Eastwood Mall is a luxury… You can find all the signatured and popular clothing brands like Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencers, Nine West- you name it! But happiness cannot just be found in those luxurious stuffs that’s worth the money. The mall’s family-friendly features is a surprise, because the community is all about business. Outside is a park-like area that will say hi and warmly welcome anyone. Kids would probably prefer to stay outside rather than roam around inside the mall.

SAM_2601 SAM_2608

I have enjoyed my stay in  Eastwood, after a stressful work I can easily grab something to eat or drink without  the effort of taking a cab. And stroll at the park with the thought of being transported to another place. An instant stress reliever, cool right?

SAM_2629 SAM_2624 SAM_2612 SAM_2611 SAM_2607 SAM_2600 SAM_2599 SAM_2598 SAM_2590 SAM_2589 SAM_2591 SAM_2593 SAM_2597 SAM_2588 SAM_2587

Eastwood is just one, there’s Ayala and  Bonifacio High Street.  If I got to brag something without travelling miles and miles by air, that would be these communities and cities brought world-classly to the Philippines.

~Happy weekend!


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