Random Venus on Charice’s new shocking look

Charice's sudden changesRefer to original news: http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/criticisms-on-her-look–accent-hurt-charice

On recent news from Yahoo! Philippines, Karen Valeza wrote about Charice’s “The Buzz” interview on Sunday, December 2.

Charice’s sudden changes from her sense of style, her tattoos to her American accent are being criticized by many, either fans or plainly just haters.

A lot said that her changes are over the top. There are some who says that she sold her soul and the evil have twisted her already into something not her. Oh well, my view on this part? “Nahh!” Haven’t we said that to Lady Gaga, and other famous artists?  I’m a 50-50 Catholic. Do I have to defend myself?

The young lady is pretty much hurt of these criticisms and I am not here to hurt her more. Rather, somehow show people what I think about these shocking changes.

Disclaimer: I am not a die-hard Charster (as her fans refer themselves as). And duhh, I am not even paid to do this! In the beginning I like Sam Concepcion (her rival in Little big Star, where she placed 2nd runner up only). But that does not mean I hated her.

Here’s my own view which is also posted in the actual news (http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/criticisms-on-her-look–accent-hurt-charice-043323997.html): *Some tagalong words are translated already to English. I hope I did it right. 😀

I have nothing to neither disagree nor agree with Charice’s sudden changes. Allow me to break what I think about her new her.

1. The American Accent- Why does she NEED to have it? If she can speak English well in a neutral accent, why adopt an accent from other countries? Is it because she feels insulted every time people poke at her Filipino accent? She does not have to have American Accent. Even people from call centers and those business people and even TV stars from other countries speaks English in their own natural accent, either Pinoy or Chinese accent. So long as they can be understood and they can speak well they’re already PROUD of it. But then again, it’s CHARICE. It’s only her and heaven knows why she has to adopt a certain accent.

2. Her new look- First that shocked me was her blond short hair. My thought was: LESBIAN? But I do have my boyish side also so I thought maybe it’s the real CHARICE. The way she dresses. A lot of people are judging or criticizing her with her new style. Let’s just say,Baby Charice who wears cute dresses, headbands, and flat shoes had  grown up. And I think that’s normal! We outgrow our old sense of style and change our taste to fashion as we grow older. She’s already 20- is that right? I’m not sure, but as far my memory is still fresh, I’m a year older than her. And to think she’s a lady enough to be herself, she no longer needs those childish stuffs. Her tattoos. I don’t see something wrong with the so-called “body art”. Her tattoos have meanings and it’s not just because she wants a complete whole new look or just follow whatever Cirus and Swift had done to their bodies.

3. On being disrespectful – I cannot comment on this. Maybe it’s really because some press and people cannot say bad things in a good way (aka the bad approach). But then again only God knows why. Because really, how she interacts with her fans and followers on twitter is pretty nice.

I think we’re only surprised or even shocked by her sudden PHYSICAL changes. Because, when was the last time that we watched her climbing into the plain moving to United States, then suddenly when she came back to the country she had a lot of changes already. On the other side of the people who are saying these changes were too much. Yes, might be? Maybe? That depends on how you see it. And that also depends on your tastes. As how the way it goes, we are the best critics when it’s about other people. But come to think of it, she’s happy with her changes. As long as these changes do not hurt anyone, then be it. We are not getting anything from these stuffs. So just R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
I adore her so much now. Despite all these criticisms she became stronger and even tougher.  She’s no longer the kid whose if asked the answer comes out as “mom-said-so”.
By the way, I love her chic-rocker look. Except for the dark lipstick and over the top make up-sometimes. 😉


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