#LArcMNL Fan Meet Amazing Things

For those who missed the event, I bet you badly want to know what exactly happened. But nahh- am not gonna give that.. hahaha.. Instead here are some of the caught-on-my-cam moments I’d like to share that are worth keeping.

So what are really the AMAZING THINGS during the Fan meet?
Here, let me give you a list:
1 I got to meet people who surely has the same interest and addiction as mine.
2 The head scratching LArc~quiz
3 The inner hyde’s during the L’Arc~ke-~oke
4 The Mukimpo eating contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 The PRIZESSSSSSSSS. But I am only dreaming for them ūüė¶ Lucky for those who got them- very lucky. nods
6 The merch’s! Swear I just can’t get enough. I wanna have them all!
7 and the FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

More photos on: LArc_Pilipinas

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Src: http://www.youtube.com/user/LArcPilipinas

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