The Woman

I have been thinking about some topics that I’d like to write for my 21st year in the world. I have a couple of unfinished one’s in my drafts about almost anything about me. I was scrabbling on my journal-ready to start a whole new topic when my phone rang… checked the caller ID and t’was Mama.

You see, I’m miles a way from my family. And ever since I’ve started working and living in the metro, I only remember going home once (that was the long vacation after I resigned from my first job)- but other than that… I’ve missed the holidays, birthdays, and special dates. But Mama never failed to update me about the happenings. And the last time I checked? My nephew-Carl, was expecting a grand birthday party but ended up eating spaghetti with cousins. 🙂

While Mama was talking and telling me about the recent happenings at home, my head was already writing something about her… about the woman who bore me for nine months… the mother who treated her children equally… the woman who puts her children first more than anything else.

I could never thank her enough… of what she have done to me – to my siblings- to my nephew- to her family. Her sacrifices and everything. [Sigh] As what they say: “Nothing could ever compare to a mother’s love.“- strongly agree! She’s understanding, loving and inspiring. Also her patience is a surprise to me. (My sisy-orleen would agree to this. 😉)

Through the years, her love and attention to me had not changed. Although I’ve been totally independent from my parents. She’s always there behind me ready to tap my shoulders when I loose hope. But admit it Ma. Kathleen Stiffany Nueva Acebuche (This is Papa’s thing of calling his kids when he wants to say something pretty important 😀), there were those days that you argue with her over stuffs… those times you had to raise your voice- for her to just hear your side… those moments when she’s tired of running in circles explaining and the only words you’ll hear were “ikaw bahala” (up to you)…. and remember those times when you’ve finally realized you’re wrong (and admit it she’s always right)- all you gotta hear is: “sugad pa ak!” (I told you). And also let me remind you those high school days that you got super excited of going out for college cause you’re sick with her endless tacking and blah-blah-blah. And to be honest, after being away for quite a long time made me miss those days. 🙂 That’s why when I got home for a vacation last May, I let her talk and talk and talk and I savored hearing her laugh out loud.

It’s never easy to be a mother at all- specially when your first and second kids are only a year apart- who fight worse than cats and dogs and vampires and wolves… an eldest daughter who has a heart and acts like the youngest kid… and too many imperfections with her children and even with her husband. But one thing is for sure that inspires me the most- no matter how huge the waves are that rocks her boat, she still keeps the sailing smooth and safe. No wonder moms are called SUPERWOMAN!

I initially wrote this back in April for my birthday, but I had doubts with my constructions. But today calls a major run-through for the very special day of the woman who never fails to inspire me, the woman who never gets tired in taking care of her valuables (a.k.a family), someone who’s always there for you (because baby, whether you like it you like- she’s like an imprint to you!). The woman whose love and devotion to her family never fades, whose faith to God never change. The woman whom I wish to be me someday (don’t kid me I mean this. :D). The woman I will never get sick and tired of loving.. the woman.. my MAMA.

I’d love you to walk with me through my journey. Happy more years Mama! ❤

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