Footloose goes MOA

It has been a disaster for the past couple of days due to the heavy rains. So when Mr. Sun-O showed up, I did not hesitate to go out for a little walk.  I was thinking in between going to Antipolo or Luneta Park. But then too far for the lazy head. So I’ve decided to hop around and didn’t notice I was heading to Mall Of Asia.

I was clueless still of what to do when I arrived MOA (as we call it for short 🙂 ). So I roam around the second floor and passed by some of the resto’s at the bay side view. When I glanced under the smiling sun, I saw the bay side park. So I decided to go down and take a little walk. I have never been into this part here of the mall. Cause you’d most likely see me at the department store or at the boutiques feeling each textile and wowing to each and every shoes.. – okay ‘nough for the fashion addict. 😀 My stomach was craving for something I am very clueless of. But when I turned my head 60 degrees.. voila! STARBUCKS baby! Suddenly my head went “Latte..Latte..Latte… Venti Hot Latte!”

I opted to stay outside the shop to enjoy the view of the people, as the sun behind them lowered. While rolling my eye balls as I spot a couple cuddling and kissing each other (er! What do I expect at parks?) I felt something in my bag, I brought my book without noticing it. So I read a couple of pages and closed it.

I was having my little walk while my fingers pressed the shutter of my camera. I passed by some crews busy with something.. I then realized.. FIREWORKS! I asked one of the security guards about the time of the fireworks display. He then informed me it’s going to be at seven. I checked my phone’s time and it’s twenty something minutes before seven. So I chose to stay and wait for the fireworks display.

My twenty minutes of waiting was filled with laughter as I enjoyed the man who’s performing in front of the crowd. He was funny and entertaining.

And so my wait is all worthy. When the fireworks went up to the skies, my eyes were dancing for joys. I went from “ohh” to “woah” to “wow” as they fly up and explode. Yes, I am your typical kiddo who gets overwhelmed with little the things of life… flowers… butterflies.. fireworks… you name it.

On my way outside the mall, I spotted a Photo Exhibit by PiPho. I am loving The Morning Laughter by Jeric Mariano. More photo’s here>>>

That was all for yesterday… As for today… it’s still in my journal though. 😀 I have been a happy feet for the past few days. What’s not to be happy? Mr. Sun is finally shining! 😉



I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


<<<< More Photos >>> (I am too lazy to adjust and edit the photos. Pls bare.. :D)


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