Where the Wild Rose Blooms [Re-post from luvsandwhatsoever blogspot]

Author: Lori Wick.


Set in an early West time, in a beautiful place you could only imagine. As beautiful as the wild roses are, the story is all about everything – everything beautiful, sweet, and wonderful.

It wasn’t just about the love and passion of two people, but also about faith that everyone has. I never thought of finishing reading the book, because I thought it’d be as the same as other romance novels. But, I was wrong. I was never able to put down the book when I was reaching the amazing parts of the story.

Indeed, God has plans for everyone; he won’t give a challenge that can never be survived. You might lose you sight, but that doesn’t mean you’re invalid and hopeless and that’s the end of it. In times of every sadness or happiness, you must put God in. For everything that happens is all about His plans. He may allow the evil disturb you, but he won’t let it stay longer or forever.

I admit, I don’t read a Bible, but reading the book it felt like I am reading one. It’s not your ordinary love story; not the expected romance. It is a novel everyone must read- young, old, single, in a relationship, married and specially those who are separated from God, and doubts Him.


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