JPop Music Festival [7.7.12]


Does anyone know I’m in the process of  getting-to-know the Japanese culture? Yep, and I’m taking baby steps. And that’s why when I heard about the JPop Music Festival, I did not hesitate to say yes.

I was overwhelmed with surprises. Main thing, I didn’t know that Jap Music is that popular too in the country, cause I most likely hear Korean Music especially KPop being patronize by Pinoys.  Another thing and apologies for I only know Round Table ft Nino, L’Arc~en~ciel and some Japanese artists and I was surprised when I heard about other Japanese Artists who has numerous fans. I totally got crazy over with this Hey Sei Jump  Philippine Fans Club! 🙂  And adding up to these surprises are the  “fan boys“! Yes, you got that right, fan boys. They exist! And believe me, they have the same fanning reaction with the fan girls. Crazy, right?

The event is a jammed pack of Jpop inspired performances, competitions and games… and prizes! 🙂 It was a fun event. Kudos to the organizers! ^^

I am not really into the highest level of fan girling (watching L’Arc live will prove this wrong.. 😀), but seeing the fan’s reaction and hearing them scream as their idol’s faces being flashed on the screen, and knowing they know every little detail of them is really adorable and exciting.

I had fun! 😉


Also, don’t let me forget about L’Arc~en~ciel Philippines who were there to introduce the band to the non-fans and gather all the fans to show more love and support to L’Arc. 😉 Check out the #LArcMNL Campaign Video here.

*Photo courtesy of Lara Takarai (aka The Universal Fan girl) 🙂

The Fan boys for Cover Dance Competition. *I’ll get back to you of what they’re covering for. Sorry. 🙂
Just one of Fan boys! Told yah! 🙂
The crowd getting crazy over the travias games! 🙂
Some of the Contestants of the Cover Dance.
The Pinay BoA! She’s gorg! She’s from BoA Ph Fans Club.

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