Discovering Nirvana from Training


We’ve  just ended our two-week communications and culture training  last Friday. And we’re ready to start the fire on the product training tomorrow. But wait, going back to comcul training.. while learning and exploring the culture of other countries, we played  a game. It was naming specific landmarks, people and etc. I’ve heard some bands I’ve never heard before. And Nirvana is one of them.  😉

Nirvana was an American Rock band formed in 1987.  The band was formed by high school mates singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington. Although the spotlight have turned off for them in 1994, still the band has fans all over the world who are proud being part of their legacy from it’s birth to it’s so-called death even until now.

Here’s the final line up of members:

Kurt Cobain – lead vocals, lead guitar (1987–1994) | Krist Novoselic – bass guitar (1987–1994) | Dave Grohl – drums, backing vocals (1990–1994)

More about the band >>>

I got hooked to this album: Nevermind 1991 

Official VEVO Channel:

Happy Rocking Sunday!


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