Rainy Philippine Days

Credits: http://www.muumuse.com/2010/02/now-for-download-late-night-alumnis-light-reading.html/

It’s been a rainy month for July here in the Philippines. And colder weather like this is always good for lounging and reminiscing. 🙂

And Late Night Alumni is my perfect partner.

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Ka-on: to dine soon…..

Ka-on is a waray-waray (my native regional language) term for “eat”.  Everyone already knows I’m into music and stuffs like that, and as a part of  being “random”, I also would like to add up here my interest to food and beverages.

My favorite hang-out whenever the butterflies in my stomach are on war is the French Baker. I also have a lot of favorite dishes that only Mom could cook wonderfully! Now I’m kidding. hahaha! Yeah, Mom and my sister have something in common when it comes to cooking and baking. Actually only I in the family who’s not into preparing (cooking/baking) them but eating them instead! ^^

And this category is for my stomach’s contentment… my soul’s happiness… and for your eyes’ jealousy! 😀 So prepare your plates, spoons and forks for we will be dinning soon…

You give me fever Michael Buble! + Announcement ;)

Michael Buble’s voice is so hot and sexy. And he’s gorgeous – Agree? Oh yeah, Dad seems to disagree, but mom disputes and strongly agree! Here are some of our favorites. 😉


Haven’t Met You Yet


I’ve Got A Crush On You



Happy Sunday!


Check out my music channel for non-stop fever: imsoin2uAC

Burp! Yup, Random Venus will soon be dining! Yay! I’m excited! Are you? 😉

Hollywood Bliss: My Life starring Mom [Re-post from luvsandwhatsoever blogspot]

Author: Chloe Rayban

Looking for a book featuring a glamorous life? Chloe’s Hollywood Bliss is a normal teenage girl until her “super star-overacting-non average” mom took her from school. She lived her mom’s life- camera’s everywhere anywhere, fashionable-signatured clothes, spotlight and everything sparkling. A book with hilarity and class, Hollywood Bliss is definitely the new kid in the red carpet life.