11th ToyCon Experience

Day 1: Unofficial

I was scheduled for my RJP (Real Job Preview) in Eastwood on that day. So since there was an entrance fee which is unfortunately valid within the day, I decided to just stay outside the venue and sneak  to what’s happening inside. It looked so interesting to me to see toys and collectible items on trade.  If only I wasn’t scheduled for anything, I could have enjoyed the day with the toy lovers – [sigh]….

Day2: Offline

………………………… got sick =( ……………………………….

Day3: Yeyh! (Warning: Incomplete entry! 😉 )

It’s sunday, and since it’s a declared official last day of my longest vacation ever, I decided to enjoy my day and went to the event.

I got so thrilled when I saw the crowd!  It’s Family day and a lot of people were present….  Parents with their Cosplayers kids and group of Cosplayers, and lots’a people…

I was smiling while roaming around. “Toy haven!”– as I let a huge-deep sigh.  The kids at home (which are my nephew, bro and cousins) crossed my mind.. I was like: “I wonder if they’re with me… I swear they’d drop their jaws on the floor! 😀

Toys on trade

On the other side of the hall, there was a game going on. Apparently, it was all about toys and their history, and stuffs like that.  I was about  to turn away when they announced that Kamikazee (My favorite local rock band) will be performing.


While waiting for the main event (cosplay contest) and for my fave band, I headed to their gallery where a toy exhibition was happening. And guess what? I fell head over heels and swore when I saw Thor’s life-size figurine. It was my first time seeing them… life size Avenger figurines, and robots and more!  I swear I was having a head bang while inside the exhibit.. Barbies, Anime and my kiddo years fantasies!

Unfortunate for me, that I have a very short patience! My feet gets easily tired. So after Kamikazee’s performance, I went home.  Sorry for the incomplete entry, but I swear I’d do all my best on the July events, which pretty excites me the most: The JPop Fest on the 7th and the Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp on the 29th. 🙂


And ohh… you’re asking for my toycon gooodies? [sigh] Thousands of toys played in my eyes, and I just had a hard time selecting one… so I ended up with NOTHING. 🙂

In the process of learning the Jap Culture… Kath. 😉


My favorite Snapshots:


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