Papa: My All-time-favorite Rock Star!

I remember when my sister and I were still kids, we sing to Micheal Learns To Rock’s That’s Why (You Go Away). We’d pretend the table is our stage, combs our microphones, Mama and Papa our audience. Those are the days I want to replay to infinity in my head.

I am proud that I have a family who are musically enclined. Mom even shared how she fell in love to Papa. She said, he just strum his guitar and sang to David Soul’s Don’t give up on us. Cheesy- but yes, they were bound by music. I’m always proud as well that I grew up to the oldies music (mostly ranges from the 70’s-90’s). And it is my father who introduced me to Rock music: Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bee Gees, Air Supply, Micheal Learns to rock and more Hollywood rock bands.

And in celebration to Father’s Day, here are my top favorite American rock bands and their hit songs introduced to me by Papa. And I’m always thankful to him for sharing to us – more specially to me his passion to music. You Rock! I love you!


Aerosmith (Tyler is still hot, isn’t he? 😀)

Scorpions (This is like my super favorite above all… Every time I sing this in Karaoke, I amaze my friends! 🙂 )

Air Supply (I always dream that someday,someone will sing this to me [sigh] 😉 )

Bee Gees (I’m so love-at-first-heard to this song… [giggles])

Michael Learns To Rock (Papa loves to sing this in Karakaoke’s and every time he does, it feels like he sings it for his kids… suweeet!)

Check out my youtube channel for more dose of music. 😉


Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies all over the world!


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