WHY I’M STILL SINGLE? (A Learning from Why you’re still Single by Evan Marc Katz & Linda Holmes

“Because it’s not yet my time to meet that someone who would stick around.”

Why I’m still single? I don’t know. I’m not quite sure yet about the reasons behind why I’m still in the singledom. Yeah, I used to have a boyfriend, but it didn’t work out, for some reasons that are still vague. And to be honest, sometimes the same question bothers me, why the hell I’m still single? I couldn’t figure out any possible answer until Evan and Linda’s book caught my eye.

At first I thought it would teach me on how to catch a butterfly, but turned out it’s not. Instead, the book taught me on how to learn from my previous mistakes and to stay away from repeating them, as well as to learn from other’s relationship flaws.

And to find out and realize, that it’s not that I don’t make an effort to take my best foot forward, neither because I’m not attractive, not because I’m lame when it’s about fun. But because it’s not yet my time to meet that someone who would stick around.

Indeed. I need to work on something with my self. I need to work on too much JEALOUSY, too much INSECURITY, and I need to build up more CONFIDENCE – for me to be battle ready.

Relationship doesn’t only mean holding hands while walking together, kissing, and doing stuffs like that. Relationship means responsibility, trust and honesty. Honestly, don’t judge me, but I’m attracted to this guy, but I don’t have to rush on things and make too much effort to be noticed. I’m still young and I need to take time and make few steps, because I want something WORTH WAITING than WORTH CATHCHING for. Little by little he will notice me because he can recognize me.

When you’re single it doesn’t mean you’re NO GOOD at all, it’s just that there’s SOMETHING in life that you need DISCOVER all by YOUR SELF. And my discovery so far? “Life is so fabulous when there’s NO ONE TAILING you around and telling you to be like Megan Fox, even if you’re HOTTER than her!”


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