Homecoming (A May entry on MushyKitty | Transferred post)

Scheduled to leave home either tomorrow or on Thursday and I’m so excited! Will be traveling by land (Yes! That means will take a bus from Manila to Catarman, Samar) – It’s more fun than air. Isn’t it? So I’ve already packed my things up. One whole week vacation ready? Personal stuffs – Check. Travel book – Check. Journal and pen- Can’t live without them. Earphones -Check. Extra phone batteries -Check. Travel outfit -Check. Travel playlist- oh yeah! Wanna hear them? Here are my top 5. Enjoy!


1 Heaven’s Drive – L’Arc~en~ciel

2 Driver’s High – L’Arc~en~ciel

3 Chase – L’Arc~en~ciel

4 Ready Steady Go –  L’Arc~en~ciel

Ready Steady Go -L’Arc-en-ciel

5. Back Down To Earth – Michelle Shaprow (Her Purple Skies Album is out now. Yay!)

And the bottom line? It’s most probably a L’Arc~en~ciel travel playlist. haha!

I’m not a good packer… Really. And I’m still checking back in my bag for any needed stuff that is still missing.

So yeah, I’m ready and just excited. Can you count the word “excited” in all my recent posts? 🙂 Sorry, I just can’t wait to hug my nephew and play with the kids. Time to refresh and have fun and at the same time prepare my self for a new set of battle that awaits in the corporate world.

Happy Summer!


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