Debbie Macomber- Married in Seattle

Two separate worlds arranged as one:

First comes Marriage:

Janine and Zach: “Romance is forbidden trysts on lonely Scottish moors. A desperate passion.  And it’s even more that, it’s walking hand-in-hand along the beach at twilight and gazing into each other’s eyes. It’s speaking of love without having to say words.

Say it and your grandfather will arrange them for you. Throwing you to Scotland for a vacation and his business partner for a meeting. And everything will be all set and the romance will follow wherever you two go. Letting a gorgeous broken hearted man fall love with a hopeless romantic beautiful woman.

Wanted: Perfect Partner:

Meg and Steve: “Brenda said, ’Love is like a game of connect the dots, only with men you have to connect the dots and draw the line.’ They don’t get it! ”

If it’s your loving thirteen year old daughter who has the guts to find you a new husband, and your little sister arranging a wife for you, I swear your love life will never be as normal as you imagined it to be. With all the twists and turns you’d both manage to play “I am-not-perfect-for-him”, “neither-I-for-her”, I’ll tell you the truth after that. Cause really the worst part is, if only you both know that these little teenagers are good actors than you are.


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