A taste of being a mom (ft my cousin: CHOI) (Reblogged from MushyKitty)

After a week of experiencing how to be a Part-time Mom, I’ve realize how stressful it can be. Which made me even proud to all the mommies. My baby just turned two last May 8th and he’s so moody that sometimes he doesn’t like me at all. You maybe asking,how did I came up with a “baby”? Don’t wonder, my Uncle who came all the way from Qatar had their vacation here in the Philippines and celebrated his “only” boy’s 2nd birthday. And that means, I should be looking after the baby boy while I let them enjoy their break. 😉 So without hesitation- my Baby: Carl Stephen Aylesford or simply CHOI! (Trust me, they have this weird long full names but only have about 3-4 letters for the nicknames… and it sounds like the vowels.. CHA,CHE,CHOI 😀 )

At the Mc Arthur’s Park. He won’t smile on pictures unless you told him to do so. 🙂

It was pretty difficult to predict at first, because we most likely see him smile when we give him gadgets… yeah- that means IPAD, Cellphone or Laptop and let him play until his might. But after a couple of days I’ve found out that his priceless smile comes from playing outdoors with or without other kids. He also loves candies and cries over them if you don’t give him one. Which is pretty common to kids. But give him a lollipop and he’d give you a charming smile.

During his 2nd Birthday. He was having fun with all the kids and the party.


At SM Sta. Mesa. On the same day of our arrival from Tacloban City. He’s still awake and alive after a few hours of travel.

Allow him to do what he wants. Once he’d had enough and can no longer stand his sleepy head he’d cry and will ask you to carry him. Change his clothes, apply powder all over his body specially at the back to soothe and calm him.  Give him his “dede” (bottled milk) and place him in an area where he can rest comfortably.

At night before putting him to bed, bathe him and apply powder. Once he’s lying on the bed, massage his head and his body to calm his busy-dizzy head. Thanks to my Mom for this awesome idea. It really helps after his normal “before-bed-time-cries”.  🙂

Sleeping soundly in our room at home. -Gamay N Samar


His PLANKING style! 🙂 When you actually say NO to his “say YES please!” 😀

And when I say “distractions”, that means YOU, ME or ANYONE else letting him stop what he wants to do.  Let him go. If he stamble, let him stand on his own feet. If he needs help with something, give him that “I don’’t know” look and he’d think in his own way. The bottom line of it all is to let him actually go. Just stay behind.. Follow him but of course don’t let him cross the street alone or take your eyes off of him. The only thing is he needs to learn things in his own way with your guidance.

He knows how to play Ligo… with Philippine coins though. 🙂


He prefers to walk outdoors without his sandals… 🙂 – At San Rafael’s Farm, Babatnun Leyte

If you’re old enough and someone just shouts at you, you know you have to shut up.  But babies don’t. They’d cry even harder like the earth is shaking to it’s doom.  Give them an evil look- they’d cry even more. Why? They just so a devil! Shout at them with all your nerves’ full force – they might stop for a moment but will diffinetly go back to crying. Don’t be shock, they’re shock at first too.  Give them a light spank – they would not stop either. It’d only feel like a tap behind. Make it heavy- we’ll call for a police or a DSWD for you. The best thing to do? Know why they’re crying, if it’s something you can give- give it to them. But if it’s something you can’t – alternatives could work. Like mention a thing or two that interests them the most and they’d most likely stop from crying.

Lounging at the Mc’Arthur’s Park.

With all these simple learnings, I’ve got more aware of what kids are – specially toddlers. Before with my nephew I would never  understand them. It’s fun to be a mom. Though it’s stressful but the reward still goes after the hard work. Seeing them lying in bed with their most angelic-sleeping faces after those tiring  activities during the days, it feels so  greatful. Honestly, I got a little emotional (Remember: I’m not your ordinary drama queen 🙂 ) one night  while I watch him sleeping. Because before that he was crying over something I could not give and he’s very tired (when kids are tired and sleepy specially at this stage they tend to just cry and make excuses to cry hard). It felt like an achievement to me, when I was able to lullaby him to sleep. Because instances like these, I’d hand him over to his Mom, to my sister (who is a mom too), to my Mom or to his Dad to lullaby him. But that night I was like alone. I was like ugh, LIFE SAVER! But no one heard me, cause apparantly everyone was busy, plus Mom and Sis no more.

At tweenty-one would I now wish for a baby? Ahh-uhh… no. Not yet. After tasting the bitter-sweet of being a Part-time Mom? No thanks. Let me baby seat for now.

Have a great Babying!


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