Celebrating Round Table ft Nino

Src: Facebook Page

It’s been two years now since I’ve discovered the first Japanese band that I got in to. I don’t have a specific anime or manga that I watch, which means I haven’t came across yet with Chobits. How did I know about the band? Well, you’ve probably heard other’s also reasoned this out to you… and yes, through Michelle Phan– the most favorited and well -known beauty  blogger! It was her Geisha Make Up Tutorial that introduced me to them.

Their type of music is so youthful and energetic. Plus, Nino’s voice is so charming, which gives their music a sweet tune. The band was formed in year 1997 with Katsutoshi Kitagawa as vocals, guitar, and bass guitar and Rieko Ito as vocals and keyboard.  In 2002, Nino joined in as a guest vocals and later became officially a member and released their album entitled April which is from Nino’s birth month. Since then, they are tagged as Round Table ft Nino.

Right now, we’ve probably not hearing anything from them, and according to the admin of the Round Table ft Nino Facebook Page, they haven’t been updating since April of this year.  But no worries, we all are hoping they’re working on something, so we could hear them again soon. For now in celebration to my 2nd RTftNino Birthday, here mare my favorite songs:

FYI: Nino and I were born on the same month. 🙂 That’s why their April Album is the closest to my heart. 

In April

Dancin’ All Night

Groovin’ Magic

Book End Bossa


Check out my youtube channel for more. 🙂


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