Bring Me L’Arc (The Voting Madness)

June 1st, 2012, Friday, I logged in at 1:00pm to my accounts (facebook, twitter, youtube and wordpress). It’s the perfect time to blog while waiting for the voting to open up. This voting will be about the next World Tour of the band: L’Arc~en~ciel.  And I assumed it’d be for the Silver Anniversary Celebration of the band, which is 4 years from now (as I counted their age from year 1991).

As we calculated the  time differences, the voting registration will be up at 3:00pm Philippine time (which later did I knew that we have the same timing as Singapore and China).  The fandom got crazy as the time gets closer, and it went even crazier when most of us bumped with a couple of error pages and server issues.  As I counted, 100 tweets spotted for the first 5 minutes of the server down and while waiting patiently (for the love of laruku) for the server to come back, the fans played #ReplaceSongWithServer which trended within a minute or so.

The Curses! 😀
LArcMNL and its non-Filipino supporters are awesome! 😀

We got confuse to which page is really working or to what page should we go. It has already an hour and a half, but still most of us couldn’t get into the voting page- including me. I waited patiently. Well, we won’t be surprise at all, unlike Europe and US; the time difference in Asia is close to each other. So, the server down is most likely due to high volume of users – as we analyzed. We’re only an hour late from Japan and Indonesia, which has stronger and to be honest has a lot more fans than us. But that will not definitely let the Filipino fans down.

I logged back in at around 11:00pm, and tried again. I have read some posts that a lot more fans was able to cast their votes already.  I tried once more. I was able to get in and filled the form, hit submit and boom! Error page display! I pressed f5 a couple of times, and it went in to a page where you’re going to pick your favorite Laruku song. Once I’d hit the submit button, it goes to the Error page display. I pressed f5 and almost break it. Again, it came up and went to the Preview page where we type in the explanation to why we like that song. I typed in my love letter – ep, explanation rather and hit submit. And voila! The curse once again Ladies and Gentlemen! It already got into my nerves as other fellow cielers were able to finish.

To calm my self down I logged out and slept.

I logged back in at around 5:00am the following day, but still no luck. I waited til 8:00, and exactly at 8:19 today (June 02) I was able to finally cast my vote-Yay! That was a relief! Good thing it redirected me immediately to the voting form. Seamless flow as I click on each button. Although it scared me for a moment when the last page buffered slowly.  It took a minute or two before the Thank you page displayed in my screen.  I felt a relief. For the love of L’Arc~en~ciel and the dream of inviting them in to the country, we’re certain to do everything!

The happy page! 😉

And I lived happily- oops.. still praying for the results though. But I’M SO HAPPY to cast my vote. ^^



I can now feel the Cieler spirit.. does it make me certified? 😀

We’d l’ove to feel your support. Please cast your votes for MANILA, PHILIPPINES by logging in to

The Philippine Street Team accounts: Twitter #LArcMNL and Facebook Page


5 thoughts on “Bring Me L’Arc (The Voting Madness)

  1. Yeah I have heard about that trouble too. I was teaching at 2 pm so I can’t cast my vote. I asked my friend to do it for me…but she said the server is down.
    She finally did it around 6 pm. I did my own vote the next morning and ready to vote again today 🙂
    Hope L’Arc will come to Philippine too 🙂

    • That was really crazy… I could not imagine their IT People freaking out while the users are blasting into the site. 😀
      Thank you so much for the wishes. A lot of non-Filipino fans are also voting for Manila in between their countries- pretty sweet. 😉

    • Uh-uh.. 🙂 Hope it’s validated. But you wanna try multiple accounts-then? I mean… fly voting… I’m guilty doing it… But I have the guts to recommend it to others. 😀 Let’s just pray we’ll be finally included in. 😉

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