I’m down: Here’s my playlist

*Warning: Written while frustrated and crying. May cause severe weirdness. 😉

Can you believe this? In time of frustration and desperation and being down, I still found a time to blog about this? Surely, I won’t be surprised if the Cyber world is as colorful as life. Humans have found a place to vent and shout without being heard- literally.
In between happiness there’s always sadness- and that’s very common. We all have our down times, but would you allow it to just end your happy life? Of course not- e? A good cry is always good. In the end it clears up your mind which makes you think better. And music- ahh… yes of course. A song that’d uplift your sunken soul.

When I’m down, I don’t listen to songs that has a meaning that drags me even more to hell. Sometimes, the best songs are the one’s that has life and heart on it- something that would encourage you to stand up and get moving.

I’m down, and how many times did I already mentioned that? I obviously am. But I don’t want you to ask me to where is this be leading (Which I guess you already have). So here’s my Top 5 for today’s down fall:

1. C’est La Vie – L’Arc~en~ciel

2. You Only Live Once – Suicide Silence

3. Run A Mile – Late Night Alumni

4. New World – Round Table ft Nino

5. Marry the Night – Lady Gaga

Most of the times a Hard Rock and a Metallica do work. So most likely, my distress playlist would consist of Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock and Metallica. And try to disagree, I won’t mind though- Lady Gaga makes sense at all. 🙂

Actually a shout and a yell could work as well.. just don’t curse people, yourself, the world and most specially God. It’s always good to quote things in times like this: “God keeps his promise & He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at times you are being put to test, He will give you strength to endure it; & so provide you with a way out.” Thank you dear Francis for the daily breads. Sometimes friends are unaware of the little things that they do, already helps you a lot.

And of course will I ever forgte my super heroes? Mama and Papa. Who are always there for me.

Now smiling…. ^^



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