Nagi and her L’Arc-en-ciel SNG Moment

Her name is Nagi (okay, I’m not sure if that’s her real name…). She’s a co-L’Arc fan from Philippines. And she just shared her Singapore moment to all of us. She still has the hang-over from the concert though. And I’m amazed by her dream-finally-came-true.

Another Happy Fan! Thank you L’Arc-en-ciel!

The Fangirl Attack:

A step away:

Her Happiest Day:

The Hang-over:

A great read- swear! 😉


7 thoughts on “Nagi and her L’Arc-en-ciel SNG Moment

  1. Hi Kath … did you change your blog name?

    Thanks for the link, Nagi has left a comment on my blog (on Singapore report) and I have read her post too 🙂 but I couldn’t left comment because she is using disqus and it took forever to load that form (I always have problem with disqus)

    • Halo! I actually have 2 blogs.. that mushyKitty is for my fashion frustrations. 😀 This one however (random venus) is most-likely my daily bread for my random stuffs.
      I’m also having a problem with a stuff in blogspot that’s why I couldn’t do anything but just like her posts. And that just leads me to an idea of inviting her over to wordpress. 🙂 Besides it’s pretty amazing here.

      • Ah!! I see. I also have 2 active blogs (although the total is 5) and 1 tumblr.
        The problem with blogspot is it’s too stiff, I find it hard to elaborate my blog design (I have 1 unactive blog using blogspot). But in Nagi’s blog’s case…she uses disqus for her comment form, it would be far easier to comment using blogspot comment form.

      • 5? wow! I have one inactive here 😀 I started out in blogspot and found wordpress better and easier. I think that’s the same app that I was having a hard-time posting a comment.

      • But only 2 active 😉 My blog you have visited and my turtle’s blog which is more famous than my own (My turtles always got a lot of comments).

        That app has also troubled my fellow movie blogger friends.

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