Now funny reading :) (Snow White and the Seven Samurai- Tom Holt)

Snow White and the Seven Samurai – Tom Holt

So earlier today while walking at the mall- just window shopping (well after watching The Dark Shadows),  I craved for a read. I wasn’t able to finish my summer book “Hold up the Sky” due to hectic activities during the vacation. The book is now with my sister, and I’m sure she’s enjoying it.

You know how much I’m in love with books (Romance books to be honest- I’m such a hopeless romantic!). It’s my boredom killer- it’s where I also get to learn things. So as I was scanning through a couple of eye-catching covers (swear, I’m most likely attracted with covers!) I tipped my finger over this book and saw the header “Brilliantly Funny“. I thought, “hmm… maybe a hilarious read!” The tittle itself is already uproarious, and so I chose it over a handy of romance books.


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