Hello Hello Kitty! (A new category of Random Venus)

At School during my Junior years together with my Hello Kitty school stuffs. That’s how I got my nickname “Kitty-Kath”. ūüôā


Since I was a child I’m really into this adorable character. I did not miss an episode of the Sanrio Series when it aired in the Philippines in the year 1998 (If I’m not mistaken). But because I came from a family whose parents would not allow extra stuffs that are not highly needed, I wasn’t able to start my collection at 8. But I’m not saying I’m less fortunate to have them, because I was happy just watching Hello Kitty and her friends in the television.

I started owning and buying Hello Kitty collectibles when I entered college. I would save a part of my monthly allowance and every end of each month I would buy one. My first purcahse was this Hello Kitty umbrella. I cried over this umbrella when a friend ¬†lost it. But I’ve already gotten over it, anyway there are alot of Hello Kitties that I could own.

She most likely  represents every Asian Girl. And you can actually see her everywhere. As part of my daily adventure in life, this additional category of my blog is dedicated to this charming and inspiring character created by Yuko Shimizu.

Spotting her everywhere brings up a smile from my heart.


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